[BETA] Rachio Community v3.0.0 Hose Timer Support

This thread is dedicated for beta testing of a major update to the existing Rachio Community integration:

(1) Adds full support for Rachio Hose Timers
(2) adds ability to color code different schedules/programs on the dashboard
(3) Improves user control over logging
(4) Manually configurable polling interval
(5) Fixes webhook bugs

Beta testing would be appreciated from the following types of users:
(1) those with only irrigation controller(s), no hose timers
(2) those with only hose timer(s)
(3) those with both irrigation controller(s) and hose timer(s)

Please report any issues you find with this beta, along with a debug log with Debug Level set to 3 or higher.

As with any beta, there may be bugs, errors, or other issues that have not been detected yet since this has only been tested so far on my system setup. As such, it is advisable to keep a close watch on it and to not put it into production in critical circumstances.

(1) Manually install the beta code linked below over top of the existing install (or as a new install if no previous install). ALL existing files/code must be overwritten, including the Rachio Community app code, the Rachio Controller driver, and the Rachio Zone driver. Of course, add two new files: Rachio Wifi Hub and Rachio Hose Timer drivers.
(2) After installing the code, open the app, and adjust settings as desired.
(3) Take note of the new dashboard URLs. The previously used dashboard URL will no longer work as a breaking change was required.
(4) Press Done.

Note: Rachio has not yet implemented webhooks for their hose timers. From their forum positings, I believe they are working on implementing it. Until then, if you start or end a hose timer from the Rachio app or according to a schedule, Hubitat won't currently pick it up until the next poll. If you start it from the Hubitat integration, though, it will track the start/end in a more timely fashion. If/when Rachio adds webhooks for hose timers too, i'll add support for it.

Note, too, that specifying a short polling interval risks running out of API calls allowed by Rachio per day (1700). If you specify a polling interval less than 10 minutes, be on the lookout in the log for warnings/errors suggesting you may need to specify a longer polling interval.


Thanks - this looks super cool. I didn't even know there was a community Rachio app until I saw this. I was happily using the existing native app which serves my purposes just fine. but I'm always looking for ways to tinker and tweak...

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Thanks I'll install this on tomorrow and play around a bit.

FYI just released a patch to fix a bug in the dashboard. If your watering/skip icons aren't showing, update to the latest version please.

Excellent work! I have installed it and played with it a bit and everything showed up in devices and all on/off, timer functions etc. work without issue. I'll keep playing with it and let you know if issues arise but so far so good. Thanks so much for this, you saved me a lot of plumbing and electrical work with this.

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Good to hear. Which types of devices did you test with? Irrigation controllers? Hose timers?

I tested a hose timer and a 8 zone irrigation controller (only using six zones) and all good. All watering is set for the morning so I'll test the scheduling functions then.

if you don't have a hose timer the app doesn't let you continue. That should probably be changed to be an option not a requirement

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Updated to fix. Thanks for the heads up. Just need to copy/paste the new Rachio Community app code to update.

I went back to the master branch and the devices seem to work just like the built in app however I can't get the dashboard to work. It just says an unexpected error occurred. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I'm not a newbie at this stuff so it must be something esoteric

Not sure. Would need to see the debug log. But then I’m not sure how useful it would be to debug a soon-to-be defunct branch. If you’re open to using the beta, I made significant changes to this branch so there’s a good chance that the issue is fixed (or at least different ha)

I can't get past the "Hose Timer" required pop up either.

Did you update to the latest version that I released about 3 hours ago?

EDIT; Scratch that. The latest version that I thought I released about 3 hours ago. Forgot to sync up to GitHub from Visual Studio. Just did it, now :slight_smile:

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Also, this fixed the issue I was having. I no longer require a "refresh" or "polling" to see that my zones are active. It gets pushed right away! Now I can get rid of my polling rule.

Thanks for the work!

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OK my hose timer works great but when I try to use my irrigation controller it says device is offline with any zone I try. The controller is online and I can do quick runs from the app no problem. Any ideas?

May be an issue with sending commands to the controller, then, since the integration marks a controller offline if it is unsuccessful in sending commands to the controller. Can you provide a debug log (with debug logging level 3+) from when you try to send a command to the controller or any zone?

Actually, I was just able to reproduce. I'll look into it.

Found the issue. Should be fixed with the latest code just put on GitHub. Thanks for finding and reporting.

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okay @JustinL I will try the beta branch again and let you know how it goes.