[BETA] Matter Advanced Contact Sensor w/ healthStatus [MATTER]

Thanks to Hubitat for publishing the first sample Matter driver on GitHub !

This is my third and the last one( for this year) custom Matter driver for HE. It adds some additional custom capabilities and attributes not present in the stock Matter driver :

  • healthCheck (attribute) - fires 'offline' event when there is no communication to the device.
  • ping (command) - custom action that measures the rtt
  • rtt (attribute)(round-trip time) between sending a simple command to the Matter device and receiving the answer.
  • refresh (command) - forces reading of the actual contact and battery status from the device.
  • initialize (command) - initializes the driver, firstly unsubscribing/removing any previous (potentially duplicated) subscriptions and then subscribing again.
  • getInfo (command) - detailed information about the device (more of an interest for the developer rather than of any practical use for now).
  • Status (attribute) - shows important messages on the device web page without the need to keep another Logs tab in the browser.
  • battery (attribute) - same meaning as in the stock driver.
  • batteryVoltage (attribute) - the reported battery voltage from the sensor, in Volts.
  • batteryStatus (attribute) - 'Active', 'Standby', 'Unavailable', 'Unspecified'. I don't see much practical use of this; it may be removed in the next version.
  • *batteryChargeLevel * (attribute) :
    • 'OK' -the charge level is nominal,
    • 'Warning' - the charge level is low, intervention may soon be required.
    • 'Critical' - the charge level is critical, immediate intervention is required.
  • contact (attribute) - same meaning as in the stock driver.

This custom driver for Hubitat can be manually installed from GitHub :



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