[BETA] Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge Pro to Hubitat File Converter

Hi folks,

I was looking to import a bunch of Lutron devices from a Caseta Smart Bridge Pro into Hubitat and was surprised at how manual the current process was.

So I wrote a little script to convert between the automation JSON file Lutron generates and the CSV format Hubitat is expecting.

Looking for a few people to test to see if is works for them before marking it as release:

Instructions for use are on the github.

If people like it, I'd love for this to be part of the Hubitat Community github rather than just my personal one.


I think most people just make their app available in HPM...

This isn't an app that can be installed on the hub, both HPM and Hubitat's GitHub would not be appropriate places for it. It's a python script that needs to be run on some platform that supports python 3.

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Ah. Well then forget HPM!

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