[BETA] - Hubduino + Simple Irrigation Parent and Child app

Hi Folks

Bryan @bptworld suggested that I create a new thread, so here it is.
Bryan, I seek you guidance on what I should remove from your original or I am happy for you to fold it in.

I have used Bryan's code in Simple Irrigation to create a version that can use Hubduino relay boards instead of the Orbit controller or a single valve item.
I plan to use it in the sense of an 8 channel relay driving 8 zone solenoids on 24v.
I also have it set up to take input from a watering control dashboard using sliders (dimmers) to set watering time.
Let me know if anyone is interested in my hack of @bptworld excellent work, which I have learned a lot from.

Git Hub -
GitHub - rabecaps/HE_irrigation: Site for code for MQTT hubitat controller and irrigation controller via ESP8266 and 8 channel relay [but if I am honest I haven't got my head around GIT fully yet.]

The Variables are set up like this.

and rules for sync like this.

Whilst I am here....
Does anyone know why a state change of device using object.currentValue("switch", true), where true ignores the cached value and gets a value from direct from the database, only seems to work once in a function?

I am still tinkering with this , but it seems to be functional testing over a few days.


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