[BETA] Home Connect Integration for Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Balay, Constructa, Pitsos, Profilo, Thermador and Gaggenau

Thanks for the information. Good to know. Otherwise I would have started investigating on my end.

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I just tried setting this up today, but after following the instructions (and re-installing the app after failed attempts), I'm still receiving the error below each time I try to complete the setup. Is this just a matter of needing to try it enough until it goes through, or is there something else to do/try?

Home Connect Integration Init state did not match our state on the callback. Ignoring the request

Try again in another day or so. I was seeing this same message one day and then the integration would work the next day with no change on my end. This was happening pretty regularly for me.

I'm trying the exact same thing for days now, more than a year after your conversation with @mabstrategy. I've followed the instructions, wait min 30 min and hit next and received the error. I did manage to go though twice after reinstalling etc. it will ask me for my home connect account, I'm using the one matching 100% for sure the same email account and next it asks for my password. Also works. This signs me in and next it asks me to approve the use of various data. if I except by clicking the approve button I receive the answer that Hubitat can't connect to home connect and I need to retry. Did you find any solutions by any chance over the last 12 months?

I received an email today to reset my password at Home Connect Developer Program to use new features and to get better security features. Did someone else receive such an email as well and does this have any impact on the integration and the mentioned changes to the hubitat app?


I got the same email. Thats why I came here. Im looking for the same info. I dont have guts to reset my password just like that

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Same here. It was so hard to connect my dishwasher to the app and I'm happy that I got this to work and now this email :frowning:

Just received it myself. Has anyone reset their password yet?

Well I reset my password and just for good measure, I changed the e mail address on my home connect account as I've changed e mail recently. That caused the whole 'single sign in' to go wrong as it didn't have a 'single sign in' associated with the new e mail address....so I created one. It won't log in, I've had to delete the app and start again but no joy. Why do these stupid companies insist on introducing this bollocks? I didn't want a single sign in, it hasn't simplified anything, it no longer works and I just have even more fecking accounts and passwords! I feel like launching the Bosch dishwasher out of the kitchen window.....

....but on reflection I'll just drink a lot of beer instead

Just continually getting this after authorising:

What's a PITA with this app, is that if you don't successfully connect first time to the account, the app does not complete installation. When you next try to install, you have to edit the redirect url on the developer portal to reflect the incremented app ID...then wait another 30 minutes. Shouldn't the app complete installation, even when it fails to connect, so that at least you can go back to attempt connection later without having to visit the developer portal again