[Beta] HA7Net - Ethernet 1-Wire Host Adapter Drivers

Until this thread, I was completely unaware of the HA7Net. It generates its own editable web page for connected sensors, correct?

I have a bundle of DS18b20s from an abandoned project that the HA7Net just might resurrect. Combining it with HE would be a bonus.

The HA7Net provides a web interface through which either browser based clients or application clients such as the drivers on HE can obtain readings from 1-Wire sensors. It acts as a gateway between a 1-Wire network of sensors and a local network.

The OW-Server device from the same company is the newer replacement for the HA7Net. I just received one of these devices and expect to release a set of drivers in about a week.


Took me longer than I expected to get around to it, but today I whipped up some drivers for the newer OW-Server device:

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