[BETA] FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

FitBark integration for Hubitat

Hi – first time working with Hubitat/Groovy! :wave:

I found out about the FitBark API and was excited to be able to have a dog presence sensor for dashboards, but it looks like the API has not been touched in a few years (and is possibly due for some updates). It doesn't currently surface any location data or health metrics for the dog.

So, for now this integration for the most part only has details about your dog's activity levels and Play/Active/Rest times – and the device's battery level. It does use API polling to get updates to the device state, but you could also probably disable polling and use it in cases where you can call the refresh command before reading the data.

Not sure if anyone else on here has a FitBark and is interested, but if so I'd be happy to get feedback.

FitBark App and Driver code:


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