[BETA] Eyedro Home Energey Monitor Driver

Just started developing with Hubitat so this is in no shape or form perfect. I picked up one of the Eyedro Home Energy Monitors but didn't see an integration. The Eyedro runs a local web server with an API endpoint. This driver simply polls that on a given interval and returns the data. The direct link to the driver can be found here

Supported Devices
EyeDro EYEFI-2 Home Energy Monitor (Amazon Link)

Pulls Power factor from channel 1,2 and total
Pulls voltage from channel 1,2 and total
Pulls watts from channel 1,2 and total
Pulls amps from channel 1,2 and total
Pulls demand in kW as a total of channel 1,2


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I was wondering if someone would be able to develop a driver for Eyedro. I have a EHWEM1 model. It seems to give an [error] java.lang.Exception: No response data exists for async request on line 106 (method processData)

And I get no data, it is all zeros in the device page. Wonder if my model is different or isn't compatible with this driver?

If that’s ethernet model, I don’t think it has a local web server.

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Unfortunately it looks like only the Eyefi models have the built in web servers.