Best zwave zigbee light socket?

Hey guys I am upgrading from horrid LED to incandescent old school light bulbs. So all my smart bulbs with built in technology will be unscrewed! Was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good value on smart light sockets? I will need about four of them to start. All my overhead fixtures already have inovelli smart light switches. But this is for my lamps. I would also consider smart plugs but in either case I want them to have dimming capability. This is one of the main reasons I am upgrading to incandescent. Thank you and have a good day! :slight_smile:

You probably won't find Zwave sockets. I have one, it was made by Intermatic, but it was discontinued a few years ago. every now and again you can find one on amazon. Mine worked great on the C7/ It's been a little flakey on my C8. If you are ok with plugs, I have a few of the Zooz Zen04 plugs and have been quite happy with them. Ill probably be adding some more of them.

I'm kind of curious, where are you finding incandescent bulbs? They have been illegal to sell (at least in the US) for a couple years now. soon CFL's will be also.

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Yeah I am ordering outlets, I found some cheap used ones on eBay!

Over 1,000 beautiful incandescent bulbs. Being born in 1995 I guess I grew up with mostly CFL and now as an adult LED. They are nasty, I didn't appreciate the incandescent glow. And I bought them on the street. Like the US government's evil war on drugs, prostitution, gambling, etc. These products will still be available, they will just be more expensive, and lower quality. LEDs will be for poor people only.