Best Zigbee TRV's? UK

What's the current opinion on the best TRV's for UK heating systems?

I say UK because I know there are differences elsewhere...

I think I've given up on automated TRV's and will stick with my manual ones.

Am starting to have a plan in my mind about how best to control the heating now.

I've just got influx/grafana working to chart my temperature sensors around the house and have a clear picture of how the heating is performing now.

Thats quite an eye opener- even though I'd been looking at the realtime temps on my dashboard, seeing it as a graph is really a much better long term view.

Grafana etc is a something I really need to look into, for the same reasons.

With respect to the trvs, mine have now been up and running rock solid since Sept 2020

Manual one here on a smart plug with a temp sensor running this code.

Been running for over a year now, no issues.

Thanks for that. I'll take a peek. The one part of my system which I feel could be better is the way each room's desired temperature could be set, at various times.

At the moment it's via a webcore list.

Would be so much better via a UI.

The beauty of that app is that they are setup as thermostats, which allows me to use the thermostat scheduler.

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