Best Zigbee Thermostat in 2020?

I second the vote for Zen Zigbee Thermostats. I was able to pick a couple cheap on ebay. 3 Month in and no complaints.

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I'm using ZigBee thermostat from sinope tech. Really nice.

I could only see a wifi version on their site. They also look very specialised?

Nope they have wifi, ZigBee and control4 version. I have 11 thermostats and I'm very happy with them.

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Lotsa Zigbee...


Ah cool, I’ll take another look but, on my Mac instead of my phone.

I bought a pair of Centralite Pearl Thermostats in white - I really wanted the LUX KONOz but only the WiFi KONO version seems to be available.

The Sinope units just dont fit my requirements and the Zen's are way too expensive imo,

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Another vote for the Zen. It paired easily and hasn't had any issues so far.

I got mine through a second hand electronics store (CEX), where the standard price is $28, though they haven't had any for a while since I bought mine.

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I'll prolly upgrade to Zen's or Konoz units at a later date if I can find them at a good price. The Pearls were very cheap @ only 77 Asstralian Micro Peso's each via Amazon.

I got a white refurb Zen on Amazon for $40, decided to get it to compare to the Honeywell T6 (Z-wave) that I'm testing. Looks interesting, but I'm a little concerned about the display readability in real life. We'll see...

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I noticed the Swan versions are cheap but apparently dont work with anything other than Swan hubs (whatever they are).

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The T6 is a better thermostat - even more so if you have multi-stage HVAC equipment.

I have a D6 pro for my Split-system and it's great - just not supported on HE unfortunately. I've switched back to my Sensibo Sky until this changes.

Mine's "regular" one AFAIK:

  • Connected - Compatible with SmartThings, SwannOne and Securifi's Almond 2015 and Almond+, with additional ZigBee platform support coming soon

I frankly didn't even notice there were "Swann" verions as well that are different. There is a review on the Swann version page on Amazon that says below. You're sure they aren't compatible?

Im sure I saw something saying they weren't but now I cant find it. :man_facepalming:

Thanks. Frankly, I am a complete HVAC idiot, I need to get better versed, I still have to look up HVAC before I type it. :wink:

I have what appears to be a basic single-stage furnace that the previous owner installed to replace the one that came w/the house. Rheem RGPN-07NAMER - Classic Series NOx 80% AFUE Single-Stage Upflow/Horizontal 75K BTU Gas Furnace.

Since we're in SoCal heating really isn't a big deal generally, and haven't had any issues w/it other than it's a little noisier than we'd like. Unfortunately it keeps working so we'll likely have it for a while. :wink:

I should have made clear it was 28 Strayan Dollarydoos.

The Zens are ex-Telstra versions and were shipped from either NSW or QLD to VIC for cheap or free (there were a couple of Telstra "Smart" Home IP cameras in the order, so it was shipped from more than one store). There appeared to be multiple Zens when I got mine, but there aren’t any at the moment. I’ll post if I see that they are back in stock, as I’m checking monthly so I can get more of the cameras.

Given Hellstra stopped selling their "Smart" Home plans in April, there are probably going to be a number of devices on the market soon-ish.

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Oh nice!

Please do as I'll grab some for sure - I assume they are zigbee and not wifi versions?

I found some NIB Xfinity Zen Zigbee units on fleabay for $56 AUD and grabbed a pair - I guess I'll be selling my Pearls as NIB when they arrive! :crazy_face:

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I have 4 of those installed right now. Working great.

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