Best Zigbee device for changing alarm time

Hi all, I want to to be able to set a different alarm time each night. Some nights may be 8am, others 915am, others 957am, etc.

I am looking to figure out the best device for inputting tomorrow's wake up time, each evening. I would prefer to not change that daily on my computer or phone, or a screen of any kind. The changed time would change the time my wakeup automation happens.

Ideas I've had:

Ideally too, after inputting I could have text-to-speech confirming the alarm set time through my Homepod. But I can probably configure that after the fact.

Let me know if you all do similar things or what device you might recommend for me!

If six presets will be enough, you could use this Tuya 6-gange remote :

You could print and attach labels with the alarm time next to each of the six buttons.

A rotary knob could also be used, but keep in mind that there is a noticeable delay in the HomePod voice announcements, so probably will not be very useful.

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What about using your HomePod as your alarm? Each evening you can tell Siri to wake you up at a certain time.

You can also setup a shortcut to turn on a switch with your alarm. This switch could be one you share from HE via HomeKit integration like bedroom lights, etc.


What about a Ring keypad? That will let you enter the numbers, but not sure what the rule would look like.

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