Best Z-WAVE Plus ceiling mount 360 degree motion detector

Hi all. What is everybody using for I have an Enerwave ZWN-BPC which is not on supported list and I cannot get to function after pairing.. have another entry on that one. It worked for me on SmartThings.

What is everbody using for ceiling mount motion? This is for a garage to shut lights off after no motion for 5 mins or so. There is an Enerwave ZWN-BPC-Plus (Z-Wave PLus) version on the compatibility list I see. Anybody like that one? Suggest any other good ones?

Ideally it would be PIR.. I assume move of these are?

Do you not do Zigbee? If you're open to Zigbee, I'd look at the Nyce NCZ-3043-HA ZigBee Ceiling Motion Sensor. It's on back order at Amazon right now, but a lot of people here swear by them.

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Thanks. I do. But Generally z-wave as I was toying with HomeSeer at one point. Also I have other zwave devices near/in garage.

The NYCE are definitely, well...Nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

But if you're open to some inexpensive Zigbee ceiling mountable motion sensors, you could use the Konke (needs a custom driver) or the Sonoff Zigbee. I have both, and both are very reliable for around $10 US each.

The Konke seem to have slightly better signal range, but are slightly less sensitive than the Sonoff Zigbee which seem to have fairly short signal range. So if the garage is far from the hub, you might need a Zigbee outlet in between. Still, at that price you could add two Konke, or two Sonoff and an IKEA outlet to repeat the signal, but still come in for less than the cost of one NYCE sensor.

I have 20 BeSense zwave detectors running over 3 years. 2 AA batteries last 2+ years. Include very easy. It has 2 jumpers; sensitivity and power. Leave power in normal, not full. Sensitivity is managed by the number of pulses it must see before declaring a trigger event. i have found setting this jumper to 2 pulses eliminates pet false triggers but is still lightening fast with humans. I hope this helps. The corner mount long throw is the same guts and works great too.


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