Best way to Recover/Reconnect devices

We had a 24 hour power outage due to recent storms. At various time had generator running and HE did spectacular and upon power being restored (with a few steps to get time and mode set) all went very smoothly except for 2 devices. One Zigbee ( Hampton bay kitchen dome light) and one Zwave (Hampton bay fan controller) that are failing to respond to HE. My question is what is the "cleanest" way to get them reconnected? If I REMOVE them and reinstall, do I need to remove them from all APPS first or will removing and reinstalling using the same device name keep all app/tile/schedule connections that are there?

Actually your Hampton Bay fan controller is a zigbee device too, unless they also released a z-wave version recently.

In the case of zigbee devices it’s relatively simple. Follow the device manual’s procedure for resetting the device, put your hub back into zigbee pairing mode, and zigbee devices should just pop back into place without any need to remove from hubitat, fix your automations, etc.

Z-wave is a different story though. If you have to reset a z-wave device, it’ll have to pair to hubitat as a new device, automations will have to be updated, etc.

Edit: the Hampton bay fan controller is well-known to be difficult to keep paired to the hub even under normal operating conditions. Adding a zigbee repeating device close by to the fan controller usually helps a lot.

Thanks for the reply, I actually have a Securifi Peanut Plug <5 feet from the fan. I dealt with it though a couple years with wink. There is a sequence that I usually end up with that using the remote control with it and the hub "magically" reconnects. Unfortunately it's after various tries and I need to write down the steps but I never remember exactly how I got there LOL. I will try to reconnect the Dome light though without messing with the Apps. Only have one app for the fan so other than Amazon connection I'll be okay. THANKS!

You should not have to do anything after reconnecting for most devices. It may take a while for all your zigbee devices to reconnect since after that long a power loss they would have gone into "panic mode" to begin searching for the coordinator again. That said, the HB fan units can be tricky after a power loss. The first thing to try is to just power cycle them from the breaker. Sometimes that is enough to get them to work again. If not, then what you want to do is reset the device by power cycling the canopy unit from the breaker or the switch to factory reset it. The procedure is listed in the manual. Then set HE to pair zigbee and it will rediscover the existing device and you won't have to adjust any automations. But try the simple power cycle first, that usually solves the problem for me.

I'm embarrassed to admit this but, as an older house, the ceiling fan is in the bedroom. Years ago (before automation) I installed the fan tapping into a junction box in the attic and did not have a wall switch. We always used the pull string as mostly used it for air. Now the kicker, that breaker is the same one my PC, HE, cable modem are all on. I've done the running extension cords from hot outlets for all those before but it's a pain. Guess I need to have it moved it to another line, just putting it off. And, it works fine with the remote.

I would add an "in-line" switch running to the fan...this is what I use for my switch running to the one in my office.

I have to go into the attic to use it, but it's easier than flipping the breaker.