Best way to re-add a ZigBee device that stopped working?

I have a model: TS0044 4 button battery button switch that seems to stop working / responding.
I want to "readd it " what's the best way to do that on a C-8


DO NOT remove it from the hub.

Find the instructions for how to "reset" the device, which will put it back into pairing mode.
Usually this entails just holding a button down for 5-10 seconds.

Then start Zigbee pairing on the hub, it should find it and say that it joined an existing device.


Hmmm ... Ok that worked thanks!
Dono why it stopped working weird stuff .. thanks for helping out :slight_smile:

In most cases in my own home I just start the add zigbee device process and the device is refound without any reset.

Wish that worked for me .. I tried that .. his work around fixed it in my case.

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