Best way to detect the status of an LG B2 TV (2022)

Hi, Im new on Hubitat and I tried using the existing app and driver i found on this link:

But my TV is not being detected. There arent any instructions and the topic was closed on 2022 and not sure if is still working.

Any recomendatiton for this? My main goal is to be able to detect if the TV is on so I can actually create scenes.


Is the tv controllable via that driver? If so go to the device page on hubitat for it and do a screen shot (use windows snip) of the available attributes..

That driver requires the PairingKey which is never retrieved.
I was able to detect it by IP and Mac Address but the pairing key is just never retrieved.

At that point I would say add a power monitored outlet to your tv and monitor draw and use that draw as a trigger and when power <whateversetamount the rule ends

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Maybe if you contact LG they can provide the key or maybe an "easter egg" hidden menu where you can see the key. Ya know help->about-> tap the version number 8 times=magic

I would agree that for my specific usecase, that should be enough. I was wondering if there was any suggested one to avoid purchasing the wrong one....

Someone suggested a CMARS one on a youtube video but wasnt sure if anyone here could give me some proved one =)

Get a sengled zigbee outlet... They work well..


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Since there’s apparently no way to get the pairing key oneself, I believe it’s the associated LG WebOS TV Discovery app that’s supposed to create the device and input that info for you.

I had a hard time getting my TVs to show up during that app’s discovery process.

Ultimately, it did work, and I’m not sure I can explain why.

Only thing I can think of is turning the TV off and on during the discovery process might have helped. And repeating the discovery a few times until the TV showed up.

@syepes probably wrote the most updated version of the driver and app code that’s been floating around since the thread linked above started a few years ago.

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