Best way to check light switch status

Or more directly to the point, a rule that turns them back on immediately if any of them are turned off after sunset!


Even better :joy:

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I sort of do this with my 4 year old. If the door to his bedroom is closed and it's after 8:pm, if he attempts to turn on his light, it will automatically turn off. This ends at sunrise. He almost doesn't attempt it anymore... :rofl:


I have the same situation as the OP and never thought about a rule to correct - took the advice here and just added one... going to test it tonight.

Does this look the right logic for a basic rule?

That will work. :slight_smile:

Obviously warn anyone in the family who will be using the switch, or they will be standing there pounding on the switch trying to get it to turn off. :wink:


LOL - nobody ever tries to turn it off intentionally, they are attempting turn off the garage light which is next to it and at least once every few days someone accidentally turns off the landscape light. It's next to the door and I guess the motion is reach behind you before the door closes and try to "flip" the switch by feel.

Me - I just say "Alexa - turn off garage light" :wink:

Ahhh...these below are your friends. No automation required, work EVERY time. :smiley:

I have several of them sprinkled around the house and they have high WAF, as they are discreet, and since they are magnetic the cover can be quickly removed and the switch functions normally if required for short-term exceptions. Easy-peasy.


that is pretty slick for low tech - when I was just using Insteon and their hub it would have saved me some frustration ... but now I have all these cool rule options available :smiley:


I know, it's pretty fun playing with all the stuff you can create. But be careful you might need some addiction therapy at some point. :wink:

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For "force off" type rules I always add an exception to override them. Either a virtual switch override or even a mode conditional (if mode == party, ignore).

Apparently there are some parameters that you can set with some Zooz switches to disable normal paddle operations. with Rule Machine you can turn off and on this feature.
I believe that it was put there for smart bulbs.

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You have been warned! :wink:

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Oh that is also a cool idea. I am using the advanced zooz drivers, I found them necessary for direct association and I’ve setup one to timeout after 3 hrs in lue of a rule

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Guilty :raising_hand_man:

Ok just follow up I tested both the rule and changing the load control setting to disable the paddle.

Disabling the paddle is cleaner from a “constant on” perspective- I can see where this would be preferable when the load is something you need to stay continuously powered. But the status of the switch is no longer in sync with the load with this method.

With the rule the device does briefly turn off - which makes total sense, there’s no stop measure and it can only be triggered once the switch changes conditions.

In my case I’m not bothered by the brief off period and I would prefer to know the current status (visual led at the switch or status on the device info). Would also be preferable if the other limiting conditions apply ( ie time of day)

But you don't have to check the status of the switch right? - just detect button presses instead. You could also do a brief "flash" to indicate the light should remain on.

Not sure I follow? For the most part I’m trying to disregard button presses (which disabling the paddle does) but the status LED still changes.

If you decouple the physical switch from the load like you can do in smart bulb mode then you need to set a rule to turn on / off the light when someone flips the switch either on or off normally. Doing it this way allows you to insert additional capabilities like time restrictions etc. etc.

I guess I don't understand why it's necessary to worry about the switch state in this scenario - if the load is "on" and someone tries to turn it "off" you just prevent them from doing so if within a given time range OR turn it "off" if not. Button press events always fire when the switch is pressed on/off and have specific values (1 = on, 2 = off) but maybe switch events do too (i.e. "off" fires even if "off") I haven't checked recently.

Am I missing something?

edit: Yes I am!!!!

I just tested with my hallway switch - I see what you mean about the switch itself getting out of sync.. the device reports the "switch" state NOT the load state which would be more appropriate in this scenario.

cool thanks for checking - I think I'm good with just one basic rule - the switch operates as anyone would expect it to outside of the schedule (not that we ever have a need to turn on these particular lights outside of their scheduled "on" period) and during the schedule it turns itself back on if someone operates the switch ~ most likely unknowingly.

I did take advantage of the disabling the paddle for some virtual 3-ways though. I don't have anything connected to the load terminal so it makes sense not to energized it when the switch is just being used as a scene controller.

@amando sorry for hijacking your thread - hopefully we've given you some useful info or inspiration

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Yep def apologies to @amando !!

On a side note - I am doing the same thing for my upstairs hallway light - no load on 4 switches, use button presses to trigger lights on/off. It works really well and I don't have to keep all the switches in sync with each other and no annoying relay clicking.