Best way to acheive specific TTS specific requirement

I have my heating controlled by a virtual thermostat. I also have Sonos integration. What I want to do is to be able to have TTS announce the various states of my thermostat when I hit a button. Eg "Set temperature is 20.5 C, Actual temperature is 20.4C, thermostat is in heating mode". Is this achievable and if so what is the best way? I notice that there are 2 apps for enhanced TTS, Big Talker and Message Central (not sure what the differences are), do I need either of them or is it possible without? I do use my own driver for the thermostat so if anything needs to be added to that I can do that, but I'm very much a "cut and paste from others work" coder rather than an expert.

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maybe the wato app by @bangali?

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I havent used BigTalker in a long time but I think that if you edit the description of your sendEvents (since you are using your own driver) you may be able to use it for what you need. @rayzurbock can confirm.

I know this is a dirty word around here, but webCoRE would actually be perfect for this situation. I am using it successfully for complex automation which are not acheivable through Rule Machine (those that require responding to an HTTP request, etc.) and i have had zero hub slow-downs or crashes so far. So, might be worth looking into.

I have seen a few webCoRE examples and although I've never used it it does look easier to follow and understand than groovy. It's also obviously very powerful, but I'm wary of putting effort into learning something that isn't really part of the official system and does seem to cause system problems in some instances.

Up to you. I have it running on my system and from what I've been able to discern from the logs, if you avoid using global variables, that should eliminate most of the issues people have seen with Race conditions. I have about a dozen piston in it and I haven't seen any impact.

And as far as not part of the "official system". Well, there's a LOT of apps and drivers that are community developed and supported. If you're only going to stick to those released by Hubitat, that's going to be extremely limiting.