Best time to buy?

Hello, apologies if this isn't the correct sub for this question.

I see there is currently a sale on the Hubitat. Does anyone know if it would be better to wait until Black Friday to purchase? Will there be any additional discounts?

This has been asked before, and most of this is still relevant:

Not really the question, but... Thanksgiving weekend has always been the very best time of the year for me to play with complex new devices. I have a chunk of time off, and even with family around, I'll need a good deal of "alone time", which the new toys give me.

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It was $75 a few weeks ago, was just too late to order so hoping same (or better!!) BF. No guarantees though.

It's $79.95 now. Perhaps you'll get it for $75. Is it worth waiting? :wink:

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The current price is a great value.


It really is, when I bought HE over a year ago at over $100 I thought even that it was a great deal for a hub with local control, there basically isn't anything with local control at the current price point.

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They'll definitely be a black Friday or cyber Monday deal. That is probably the best time to buy

NOW! 28 hour sale on now. Lowest prices!


Just ordered mine... can't beat that price.


Picked up a couple for testing as the price is very hard to resist.

Can not ignore the sale just order my first Hub i hope i can understand how to setup it

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They won't last at this price! I couldn't resist. Not sure what I will do with it . . .

@Eric.C.Miller I would keep the two hubs apart. They must keep track and if they originally sent you a boy hub the next one will be a girl hub. As others have found, get the two and eventually you end up with a family of hubs. :wink:

OMG! Thank you for that warning!

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