Best tilt sensor/setup for garage door?

I bought a new house in June. I don't know if the sensor has run its' course or what, but the ST multipurpose sensor I've been using in the past has been garbage at this house. What's the best tilt sensor for a garage door I can get ? If there's an actual supported 'smart' garage door opener I'm willing to buy that instead, but I haven't seen anything other than leftover code from ST that doesn't work without a lot of changes

Nortek, the same company as the USB Radio Stick in our Hubs, Makes a Garage Door Opener under their Linear name... it's also sold under other logos.. GoControl and Iris.

They all have the same part number: GD00Z- and then a number 1-5 for who's logo is on it. the -4 is GoControl/Linear, -1 is Iris if I remember right.

It's a Barrier Class device meaning it does nothing unless it Joins securely. And when I say nothing, for this device, I really mean nothing. Same as if it was unplugged.

Make sure you check for compatibility to YOUR motor. Beyond all that, it has two wires that can connect to your motor the same as the wall mounted button... but it must NOT be a smart button. The GD00Z- does sense the two wires and if it sees "smart traffic" it will not interfere. Again, it acts dead.

I replaced my smart wall button with a better looking dumb button from my motor manufacturer and the GD00Z- worked right away after.

In other words, you have two hurdles.. 1) secure Join. 2) getting it to trip the motor. Both have one symptom.. it appears completely dead.

But an actual working device is perfect. Never a false open or failure to open/close on command. :slight_smile:

I had two linear GDOOZ-4 garage door openers they worked ok but if you break the tilt sensor you can not buy another one. You can pair another old one to the unit though if you can find one.
The tilt sensors are also battery powered so you will have to change batteries every year or so.
They also have a 30 second warning before activating which maybe to code but was annoying and delayed activation.
I changed mine out with the mimolite and magnetic door sensors as I also wanted to get away from battery devices.
modified code works fine

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I have three of these and they work great ,


I will vote for the NYCE sensors. When I switched to SmartThings 3 years ago, the first thing I did was buy a ThingShield and a couple of the NYCE tilt sensors from Lowes and build my own GDO controller. Those NYCE sensors have been installed in my detached and unheated garage since March of 2016 and I have never changed the batteries. The report with 100% reliability. The only downside is that they can be a little hard to remove from the clip.

@srwhite ... Interesting, what driver are you using for the NYCE tilt sensors?

There’s a native driver on the hub “NYCE Contact Sensor” which works perfectly with these devices including battery level reporting.

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I just use regular contact sensors for my Chamberlain myQ setup, they work well.

Gonna give this a shot. Thanks

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I'll look into this as well. I'd rather have one device instead of two. It's a pain and there's no good way to combine them on hubitat. No code from ST has worked correctly so far

I use the same controller that @csteele listed. Works perfectly for me as an all in one device.

Looks like it'll work with mine so I'm just going to take that route. Is it using a custom driver or how does control actually work?

The driver is built-in to least for mine it is.

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Awesome, thanks. Idk how I looked over this originally

How do you pair a new tilt sensor with the go control? I bought a nyse sensor to work with this due to the longer battery life and after pairing the GoControl with Hubitat it says garage door unknown.

The GoControl, the Linear and the Iris are all the same product, with different labels.

They come with their own Tilt Sensor (433mhz) that is paired to the GoControl itself. There's no need for an alternative and because it is NOT Zigbee or Zwave you actually cannot replace the included tilt sensor. You can certainly augment the GoControl with a 'voting system' where both the GDO and your NYCE aux Tilt sensor must agree on open or close (via RM rules.)

As to the GDO and Joining, it must join securely. It is a Barrier Device and if it doesn't join securely, it MUST NOT do anything. You don't have to do anything special for secure join, since it's the only kind of join it supports.

You can tell success by looking at the Data section of the Device Info page.. you must see

zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true

If not, Exclude and Include again. Some amount of hair tearing and swear words are common. Sometimes the Join is smooth as silk, then there's all the other times.

I didn’t have any problems pairing, I was just expecting to be able to use a different tilt sensor... bummer :frowning:

Does this sensor show only open/close? Or does it also show opening/closing status? The driver for the native tilt sensor that comes with the GDZ device does now reflect opening/closing.

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