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I know this has been asked in the past, but i can't find anything more recent than a couple years ago. What is the best tablet according to people here that are using it as a wall mounted dashboard, and what mount are you using. I had been using a Samsung a8 for a while, but my son broke it and is like to set up a few more, without breaking the bank.

I think the go-to for dedicated dashboards are Amazon Fire tablets. They go on sale pretty often (they're on sale right now) making them relatively cheap.

As for mounts, you can go more expensive and get the MB Mounts ones. I have some hung with Gorilla putty but have a few where the walls were bowed that I've used this mount for.


Amazon Fire's. As @FriedCheese2006 says, get them when they're on sale. I have 4 of them and they work great as a dashboard. I have Fully Kiosk Browser on all of them and then run either SharpTools or Joe Page's Hubitat Dashboard. Fully allows some nice extra features, such as bringing the dashboard app back to the foreground on idle so that it jumps back to your home dashboard if you've navigated out to use another app for Music or CCTV.

I've just mounted mine straight to the wall with self adhesive velcro/hook and loop. If you get the plus model, you can recess a wireless Qi charger behind the tablet so there's no visible wiring at all.


Agree with all of the above. Fire tables work very well with Joe Page's dashboard app. And with Fire Toolbox, you can de-bloat and customize your pads easily.


I use a Lenovo Tab M7 and have had no major issues. Occasionally a screen tap does not register but that may be due to the low angle (blu-tack on headboard), causing a slight swipe.

These were a bit cheaper than the fire tablets when I purchased 18 months ago (in Australia).

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I’ve been happy with my iPad mini 2 as a dashboard, but these can be on the pricy side. I happened to have one that wasn’t in use, so it worked out well in this case. If purchasing new, I have also heard good things about the Fire tablets.

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Just loaded fully kiosk on an echo show 15. Pretty happy with the added real estate and polished form factor but can’t report on long term use yet.

I second the Amazon tablets but don't forget to de-amazon them to help with the ad screen that sometimes suspends the Fully Kiosk Browser. There is nothing worse than waking up the tablet to a ad in the middle of the night when you just wanted to bring up bathroom trip mode in the the house.


How did you do that. Downloader is gone. I tried wifi file transfer but when i click an apk it does nothing.

I'm not familiar with the 'show' models. However if you have a browser on it, you can download the relevant apk directly on the Fully website and it should allow you to install it.

I just got the show 15 and while it dies do fire tv, uts a bit different. The browser doesnt support download and they seem to be locking it down. Possible these changes could find their way to fire sticks. GD Amazon

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I have two older Fire tablets where the USB port no longer transfers data and I now have to use the browser to the Fully site and download the APK directly. Then using the file manager on the device open the APK and it installs.

So far I tried one Echo Show and sent it back. It's just locked down.

In the firetv store download one of the WiFi file transfer apps then transfer over the the fully apk and install. Once you get it installed block the update urls so that Amazon can’t break it.

I think it was a Reddit thread I followed.

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Is touch screen working for you on the hubitat dashboard?

I use home assistant for dashboards, but yes, it works and fully kiosk is never closed. Alexa also still works.

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Fully kiosk browser must be the key here because every other sideloaded app does not support touchscreen. I guess it is its own browser, hmm.

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