Best Smart Weather Station?

Hello All,

I wanted to ask everyone is they had any info or opinions on Smart Weather Stations.


I used to run a PWS in the back yard, but these days I just tap an internet weather data source for my zip code (

I have both Acurite 5 in 1 and Ambient WS-2902A weather stations. At this point I like my Ambient more but it has only been a month or so.

  1. It is sleeker, smaller, and has more sensors built into it.
  2. It uses solar for it's main power not just to keep the temp sensor cool.
  3. The display that comes with it is fairly unobtrusive yet easy to read. The backlight is not OFF or SUPER BRIGHT like the options for my Acurite.
  4. The API to access the data from Ambient was VERY easy and I made an initial version of the driver available on here just a couple days after getting the station.

That said... The Acurite HAS been fairly reliable (not broken) for a few years now, even putting up with our Rochester, NY winters. I have not had the Ambient through one yet. My biggest complaints with the Acurite has been the temperature accuracy (it is highly influenced by the sun) and getting the data back from them (I do not want to run something else just to get the data I provide them)...


+1 for the WS-2902A. Has a nice display also.

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