Best reliable zwave switch?

I'm am looking to have one zwave (or zigbee) button that my mum can use to turn off all lights in the house before going to sleep.

Years ago I heard fibaro one was the best.

Cost is not an issue. Just need something reliable and robust. Prefer zwave so it works with my current zwave mesh.

There is aeotec button but it requires charging.

Battery replacement feature of fibaro i prefer.

If Fibaro still the best one? or something else you guys use?

Hallo, I am using the Aeotec and am very satisfied. Mechanically very good, better than the TechniSat I have. Battery for me, using it about 5 times a day, lasts for months. The driver does not support double tap. So I would recommend it.


Agree with the above Aeotec Wallmote. Easy to mount. Magnetic, so easy to remove to charge when needed. I've used mine for months without charging. Battery level can be monitored by HE.

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@mlatz how long does the battery last?

the fibaro one lasts 2 years with 10 presses a day

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@anitesh.a.kumar I use a pico on a pedestal on each nightstand. The middle button turns off the whole house for us (the upper and lower buttons control the lamps)

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@rlithgow1 and it does 10 years battery life!

looks like its RF not zwave though?

Correct, it is Lutron Caseta (Clear Connect protocol) which directly integrates into Hubitat using the prohub 2 (All my switches and dimmers are Lutron as a lot of other people's around here because they're just damn tanks) They can also be mounted in a wall plate so you can make them wall switches.

@rlithgow1 I gotta get this hub for it aye?

can it integrate with non-lutron products?

like this 433 mhz RF relay switch.

can the lutron hub learn the RF remote buttons? Currently the only other way to do this is through broadlink rm pro (old product though).

How long the battery lasts in the meaning of "lives" I do not know as I use it not long enough ... it is rechargeable ... interval as said "months"

I have a dozen of these and they've been rock solid.


Yes that hub, but no on that relay switch. Hubitat uses Clear Connect which is not 433

FYI - based on the time in their profile, @anitesh.a.kumar is in Australia in the AEDT time zone.

So North American z-wave and Lutron products won't work.

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Off topic, but I always feel a lot of the decent kit mentioned on here isn't available to UK users. There's plenty of cheap Zigbee rubbish on Amazon or AliExpress which will work worldwide. However as the EU frequency for Z Wave is 868 as opposed to 900MHz the likes of Zooz is not available. And then I'm forever hearing on the forum how wonderful Lutron is, but again it's not supported in the UK. It seems that Caseta is 120V only, so only the hub and Pico remotes can be used.


Lutron does have an offering for the UK. However, they only offer in-line switches and dimmers. Along with battery operated devices like sensors and Picos.


Yeah I did take look at that. My lights are all Fibaro Dimmer 2s behind standard dumb wall switches. Latency bothers me but to be fair I think that is caused by the motion detection I have setup. My alarm system sends the PIR motion event via MQTT to RPi, then that event is used in an RM instance to turn on the light. I'd prefer a much snappier system running via mind reading:

Trigger - :thinking: :cloud: 'I fancy a beer'
Action - Turn on Dining Room Light, Kitchen light before Johns a**e leaves the sofa

I need the Z wave version of this...

Doc Brown GIF by Back to the Future Trilogy

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