Best Practices for Creating Rules with Multi-Tap and/or Multiple Switches

Virtually all of my switches are Inovelli Red dimmers that can do multiple taps.

I am wondering if there is a "best" (or at least recommended) way to create rules for them with respect to hub performance in going through/executing rules.

In the past, as it wasn't easy to go directly to the various multiple tap events within 1 rule I created a rule for each one. e.g, a rule for a single tap up (1 pushed), a rule for a single tap down, (1 held), a rule for a double tap up (2 pushed), a rule for a double tap down (2 held), etc. But with the new Button UI these appear as children to the rule making it easy and convenient to put all of them in 1 rule. I'm wondering if there is any performance advantage to now putting them all into 1 rule. If there is, it isn't too big of a deal for me to redo my rules, but if there isn't then there is no reason for me to take the time to consolidate them.

Likewise, I sometimes have 2 switches doing some of the same automations. For example, I have a kitchen light switch and a dinning room light switch. A single tap up or down turns the respective room light on or off. But, a double tap up or down on each (2 pushed, 2 held) turns them both on or off. I don't know if it is better to create 2 rules, 1 for each switch and put all the taps for that switch into each rule, or should I create a new rule that would have the 2 switches in them and would handle just the double tap up and down? Again, by "better" I mean performance wise, not just preferring to have it one way or the other for easy of editing or organization.


From what I understand, the performance impact is negligeable. These are rules that are not repeating, just run once with the button press. The key question is what do you prefer, and would you enjoy recreation them. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to put them in one app? The triggering button action is momentary, so if you have multiple button actions as triggers, how can you define different actions accordingly. I could be way off but I was looking to do similar earlier and wondered why I couldn't use button in a conditional before I realised it's momentary and so no 'IF button x is pressed' could ever be True.

Edit: Might 'last event device' have worked? I never thought to check...

Looks like it would

I can't tell if you're talking about Rule Machine or Button Controller (whose child app are now calle Button Rules, and they have long been similar to Rule Machine rules). With Button Controller, you do now get "grandchildren apps," one for each button event, but you've always had separate actions for each button event. This just makes it even clearer and eliminates some odd cases in the past like whether a cancelation in one set of actions affects the others (they are all now completely separate).

With Rule Machine, it was--and still is--difficult to combine multiple button event actions into the same rule when you want to do something different for each. Nothing has changed there recently, and I'd say the best approach with Rule Machine is to use a separate rule for each. But my preference would probably be Button Controller for the whole thing in general, unless you specifically need something only in RM. Between the two approaches, there should be minimal differences in efficiency, etc. (a concern that seems to come up a lot but is rarely actually a problem): each just makes a (child or grandchild) app that wakes on the event and doesn't whatever is configured.


@bertabcd1234 lol - I never knew of the existence of Button Controller. My use case is that I have a Virtual Button configured with 4 buttons. I want a separate action for each and had to to create 4 RM rules - I'll take a look at button controller now to see if it will do what I want.


Button Controller is amaze-balls -- I love it :slight_smile:


I do also like the copy paste option in BC as well.

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Yes, I am talking about Button Controller. I knew about, and have done, multiple taps for 1 switch in 1 button controller rule. It was just a bit of a pain seeing exactly what the entire rule did by looking at just the rule name, unless I gave it a very long name, and also a bit awkward to get to a individual tap item to edit it (for example, I got a different LED bulb for a light and had to change the setting for pushing the favorite button on my Inovelli Red dimmer to set it to the lowest value that would still turn the bulb on). With the auto-generated children it’s a breeze. But, I don’t want to re-do all of the ones I did in separate rules unless it would help with performance. While I’m not surprised it doesn’t make that big of a difference normally, I was wondering if it would help with the mysterious and dreaded 20-30 second delay that happens from time to time. (And for some reason it seems mostly to happen post 11 pm or for a rule I haven’t used for a while).

I’ve seen threads where people talk about running all the automations from Home Assistant and using Hubitat just for the antennas, but HA in general, and that integration in particular, seem too advanced for me. Hubitat does everything I want to do, I just wish I could get rid of the sudden slow downs.

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