Best outdoor light setup UK

Hi all, I am in the process of moving to my new house and I am wanting to create my smart home using Hubitat. I currently have internal Hue lights, of course with a Hue Bridge, however not sure if I will keep these or go with an alternative. What I am mainly looking for suggestions on is outdoor lighting both floodlight & ambient lighting, with best sensors to activate groups or individual lights. I have said UK, as I’m not sure if we have access to all the devices that US has. Have a good weekend & thank you in advance.

I'm using Z-wave floodlights from Vesternet, and for the ambient stuff (Walls, Gazebo etc) I've stayed with Hue.

I created a driver for these to work, so I can set the delays etc. They work very well.

I used a standard LED floodlight and installed a shelly 1 inside the fitting, also used fibaro dimmers for garden GU10 spot lights, and hue colour GU10. All works really well.

I have a ST motion on upstairs windows looking to garden and a MultiSensor6 on the ground floor which turns on outside lights. Philips do a outside motion sensor, if i needed one i would just fit a Xiaomi motion sensor in a cover (cheap if it breaks).

I have at last just found a high illuminance dimmable (not RGB) LED floodlight. I haven’t tried one yet but hope to run my floods off some automation dimmer. I was using standard halogen before and many people commented on the ramp on/off.

Just wanted to poke this up the list and ask a supplementary Q. I am In a new house and we have 10w LED outdoor floods in the garden, no sensors just a single switch inside. I’m wondering what switch I can ‘switch’ to that gives me some smarts with HE, and of course I’ll be adding a sensor to also trigger the lights.
I’d love to hear suggestions please for…
Indoor single switch (ideally brushed silver finish)
Outdoor sensor
Photo of existing switch attached

Ha, this looks mint. How does it display in Hubitat dashboard? One tile for motion and another for light?

Yeah if you use the attributes. Created a specific driver for it, and works really well :+1:

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If you do get one, let me know, more than happy to share the driver :+1:

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Amazing thank you, the back garden is a mud bath at the moment as I’m about to build a summer house. Once it’s done I will take you up on that offer :+1:

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I'm guessing I'm in the minority here, but I try to avoid any expensive smart products and instead, prefer to go with off-the-shelf components.

example, I paid maybe £40 for a floodlight/PIR (dumb) about 2 years ago, and it quit. Plus I get sick of the standard edition false alerts / lighting up. My solution was to buy two cheap dumb outdoor PIRS, link them into hubitat with a couple of relays and a nodemcu, and use a virtual motion zone (only active if both PIRS detect motion). Installed a standard kick-■■■ floodlight, again, linked in via a nodemcu/relay. utterly configurable.