Best options for add-on "dummy" z-wave switch (no load, no traveler)?

We're trying to pick an appropriate z-wave switch that can be hard wired, but it controls no load, and does not use a traveler. The operation of this on/off paddle will control another z-wave device elsewhere. What are the best recommendations? Thanks in advance.

If I understand the intent, you want to install a hard wired switch in a standard box, but use it to signal ON/OFF to control another z-wave remote device.

Most any z-wave replacement switch should work such as GE Embrighten 43776 or 46201.

The traveler is only used for remote, 3 or 4 way switch operation and is not required. The only thing you may need to check is whether a load is required for the switch to register that it is ON or OFF. If that becomes an issue, try another switch, or wire it to a dummy load.

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Zooz makes a battery-powered Z-wave 700 switch:

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It will depend upon if you have a neutral in the at box. There are some Zooz switches, for example, that can be put into "bulb mode". There are others, but those are the first that come to mind. I think the newer Inovelli also might do this, but aren't widely available yet.

That battery operated Zooz above would be the simplest, but isn't hardwired.

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@dps098 Use a standard zooz or inovelli switch. They have a smart bulb mode. Essentially when active it simply becomes a button controller (while keeping power to the bulb but in this case that part isn't a worry) So you will have a powered z-wave switch that you can mirror another z-wave switch with


I can start a new thread. I'm finding that mirroring or other options using rules take roughly 2-5 seconds to have one switch control another. Even at 2 seconds, it sometimes is confusing to the user what the switch does. Are there any quick thoughts on this? Otherwise I'll start a new thread.

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