Best option for pool pump and heater? GE 14285 40A Outdoor Switch?

I just had an above-ground pool installed and I'd like to setup some home automation. Basically I want to accomplish three things:

  1. Monitor water temperature
  2. Detect and control when pool heater is on/off
  3. Control pump motor on/off and monitor energy

Right now I'm looking at the GE 14285 outdoor switch but are there any other options?

However, it can only monitor one load or the total of two loads. Ideally I want to see the pump and heater energy separately. This could be used to detect problems (i.e. pump is blocked and wattage is increased) and to see if my heater turned itself on/off.

To monitor the water temperature I'm probably looking at a DS18B20 probe and an ESP8266 or similar...

Zigbee option for the control. Reads power consumption too. They’re a Canadian company.

EDIT: Does anybody know if the GE 14285 or Hubitat can detect immediate changes in energy?

For example, if the pool heater turns on I'd like Hubitat to immediately notice and perhaps send me a notification. However, the GE 14285 manual says energy reports can only sent be every 5-60 minutes?

I use a Sonoff TH16 for the temp and heater.

And an Aeotec Zwave plus heavy duty switch for the pump.

Both are working great here. The sonoff would need to be flashed to use with hubitat.

Where did you put your temp probe? I'm wondering where to put mine.

I have it attached to the backside of the ladder. I'll try to take a pic the next time I'm out there.

I just used a piece of waterproof gorilla tape to attach it.

I put the sonoff in a waterproof box and used an extension cable to run the sensor over to the pool ladder. The swich part of the sonoff goes to the heater.

The Tp Link dual outdoor plug powers the interior pool light and the pool deck lights. And the Aeotec runs the pump

What gauge wire are you running to your pump?

I'm kind of confused in this area. I run a small pool pump off a standard 15 amp circuit via 14 guage.

10 gauge. My pump is 2.25hp

Thanks, I have my pump running over a 14/2 15 amp. The pool pump is 1HP, 115v, 9amp.

It's been recommended to get a GE 40amp unit. However, I don't need anything that provides that much power. So the only reason I can think that people are suggesting this, is so it can handle the 1hp power? Most outdoor z-wave devices support 1/2 hp.

Is my thinking right?

Yes, probably not a good idea to use a regular switch for anything over 1/2hp.

You need to be careful with inductive loads (i.e. pool pumps) and the relays with smart switches. Usually with an inductive load you need to derate the relay by 50% or find something specifically built for inductive loads.

I'm not an electrician and don't fully understand, but I would definitely recommend searching around for information on relays (smart switches) and pool pumps, etc.

I ordered the GE outdoor switch a few days ago (hasn't arrive yet) to be safe even though I only have a 1 HP motor as well.

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40 amp? Damn expensive in Canada. Over 200 for basically a timer..... I’m not sure it makes sense.

Yeah, I definitely understand. It's quite expensive.

Also, if you look in the manual it states the following:


Power: 120-277 VAC, 60Hz, Single Phase
Signal (Frequency): 908.4 MHz / 916 MHz
Range: Up to 150 feet line of sight between the Wireless Controller and the closest Z-Wave receiver module. Operating Temperature Range: -22 to 104° F (-30 to 40° C)
For outdoor use in dry, damp or wet locations.
120-277 VAC, 20A Ballast load (Inductive) Single phase
125 VAC, 15 A Tungsten
250 VAC, 5 A Tungsten
2HP @ 240VAC

The 40A rating is for resistive loads. It's only rated for 20A for inductive loads. (i.e. 1HP @ 120V or 2HP @ 240V).

Would that apply for 1hp 115v? I assume so since it’s lower.

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean? It's listed as 1HP@120V. (in this case 120V means the same as 110V or 115V)