Best motion sensor on battery?

Surprised no one has mentioned SmartThing. I have two different generation Samsung branded motion sensors and they work really well! Nearly instant reaction time, and batteries arent an issue.

The newer generation is really nice in that it has a magnetic ball that it clings to, so you can rotate however you want, or simply pull it off.




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I think @bertabcd1234 summed it up pretty well too:


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oops, i missed that one!

The one I find missing is the most recent version of the Aqara motion sensor.

It does include luminance measurement but in a bizarre scale, although perfectly usable.

In my case they are absolutely reliable, and incredibly compact.

Still prefer Aeotec Trisensors (definitively not Six sensors), but Aqaras are more discreet.

I alluded to the Xiaomi sensors in my reply, but they are problematic for many people due to being non-standard and requiring careful planning of your Zigbee repeaters for that reason. There's an entire thread about this: Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected (tl;dr, stick to the repeaters mentioned in the first post there).

The new, Zigbee 3.0 devices might address this. However, the Amazon model number for that listing is not the new model number (and it says it's been listed since 2018). So, until we're sure both that the new models are available (I haven't seen anyone mention them anywhere yet, at least not the motion sensor) and that they indeed address previous Zigbee profile issues with these devices, I'd stay away. This isn't to say they don't work well--they do for many people, and I myself used them for a while without many problems. I liked their small size and quick response. I just had to be careful about what Zigbee repeaters I had, a problem I eventually got tired of needing to care about. :slight_smile:

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I've had Homeseer, Smartthings and Hue Outdoor motion detectors. Hands down- the Hue Outdoor is a lot better in terms of sensitivity adjustment, speed and battery life. They cost a little more but in my opinion, are well worth it. Costco offers a 2-pack for $80 while most places charge $50 for a single. The indoor is cheaper but I haven't yet tried any.

@bcopeland thought you enjoy this thread

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Battery eaters


My Hue Outdoors have been in place for almost a year without any issues. The battery indicator still shows 90%, however I'm not sure how accurate that is. I'll just wait until I start having issues before I do anything with it. Maybe they included a nuclear battery in it....

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I use the Aeotec MS 6 also and I've found nothing better. They are spendy but I use them inside and out. Battery life is excellent and motion detection, when dialed up, is very good. One on the front of my house, battery powered, will trip when a car drives by 75 ft. away if not dialed back. I've gone through others and keep coming back to the Aeotec device.

I recently tried an Inovelli device but unlike the Aeotec it still "sleeps" even when powered externally. Big deal breaker here as most of mine are powered sensors and I'm spoiled to instant response and configuration so that one has been shelved.

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If you use lux levels in your automatons it is also so much better than the Aeotec.

All of my ST sensors last a long time on batteries, generally around a year or possibly more (maybe a bit less for the v1, but I'm using rechargeables and don't care that much). I have three generations, the v1 (Kickstarter-era with micro-USB and AA batteries), v3/2015 and v5/2018. There are a couple generations I don't have, and at least one of those had mixed reviews, but all of mine work pretty well. My Zigbee mesh is pretty strong, which might matter, but I guess this goes to show experience can vary. :slight_smile:

How are you dialing it up ? Mine seems to be a 3 sec delay to trigger motion. The pic below is 18.5 feet from that door frame to the sensor by the window . I can walk almost to the door before lights come on

What does this mean ??
I use lux in my automation with these Aeotec sensors

I throw my vote in with the Iris sensors... amazing on battery life, super quick response times. Very reliable. Batteries can also be gotten dirt cheap when you need more. ( .25-.50 each in bulk for high quality batteries)

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The fibaro is a lot more sensitive and provides more levels.

I had issues when I swapped out my fibaro that the aeotec would be reporting lux at zero when the room was still bright enough that the lights didn't need to come on.

This is them both now next to each other having forced an update.

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You like fibaro better ??

After re-reading the post a couple of times i think your saying the lux readings in fibaro is better that aeotec M6

Yes much better.
As mentioned by others the motion detection works a lot better also.
It is not as fast as my zigbee sensors but pretty close.

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Awesome once again thanks for everyone feedback !!

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