Best I've seen and great support

This devoce is very clunky and not user friendly and impossible to find support on very dissatisfied!!!!

Welcome! And can you be a little more specific? I see you haven't been here before. Have you read the documentation? Is there something that can be explained more clearly?


Same thing jamesslate said. Maybe you could explain what you need help with and we could either direct you to a resource, or if needed the support team.


Gotta grimace when I see a User account that joined over 2 months ago, yet has viewed the forum less than 5 minutes in that entire time, then busts in yelling.


No, they joined on August 21st of this year.


Hubitat seems to be drawing in the kiddies from ST/Wink these days and expect to be spoon fed

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Love the sweeping generalization, dunno about Wink but Hubitat is an offshoot of ST and a lot of folks here brought their Groovy code with them when they shifted from ST to Hubitat.

Have you tried turning it off and on again

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For all the jibes, the same people, plus the Hubitat staff are happy to work through peoples issues and learn lessons from how to better develop and support the platform. Hubitat staff are very open in taking on feedback and work with us to find out what people do and don't like. But to do that we need information about what you are having trouble with. Most people here are willing to accept, within reason, someone "making their feelings known". but still with the end goal of trying to find a way through and improve the experience for others.

If you provide some details of what you are struggling with you have a captive audience more than willing to help.


This is not a helpful comment. Without those "kiddies" how do you expect Hubitat to stay solvent? The OP may have come in screaming but try to see it from the point of someone incredibly frustrated with a system that, and keys be honest here, is not that user friendly when you you compare it to the big players in the market.

Assume most people on this planet do not understand coding, are rather computer illiterate, and are used to much less robust albeit vastly simpler interface. This is the challenge Hubitat and it's community faces.

Honestly I think Hubitat should take the basic automation app and give it a shiney Amazon/Google/Apple interface. It doesn't have to be anymore complex or functional then those systems... Just the basics.


They actually have been adding to and updating the support site for specific issues related to the hub or accounts. There are 4 buttons at the bottom you can open a case. I think this is a great step forward in resolving these issues without having to make public posts about them.

If your "support" needs are more about getting things setup and working then the forums is the place to ask for help. Hubitat does not offer any advanced personal support except on the forums where you will get responses from other users AND sometimes staff.


The Hubitat staff is in here offering support.. Direct from the engineers.


While we are all waiting impatiently for @user6426 to elaborate on his difficulties in getting started, I think is worth going off topic for a moment to address some of the concerns:

Luckily, is not a prerequisite to "understand coding" in order to use Hubitat Elevation. More often than not, we see users dive right into Rule Machine or try to install a custom app, and immediately getting lost. We always recommend to new users to start slow and use apps like Basic Rules which follow a common logic used by many other platforms (such as iF this happens then take this action). This is also the reason why Basic Rules app is the only app that comes preloaded with every hub.


Frustrated Beavis And Butthead GIF by Stotes


There is a difference between asking for specific help, which I am glad to help with, and a post like this that has zero info from the OP which makes seasoned people here scratch our heads in wonderment. Look at the effort you made just to scold me.......... instead of scolding the OP for not adding any context for his/her help request.

How about making a post that scolds the OP for not using any helpful context....

Can we scold both, because both are an issue.

No need for scolding anyone. On the bright side, the fact that the OP took the time to create an account and posted the feedback here, is encouraging because there is a chance that the OP will come back and share more details so we can help clarify the problem. If the same post was made on Amazon, for example, in form of a review, that would have left us no chance to help, but to guess which part of the getting started process didn't work as expected.


β€œThey” will suffice :wink:


Not grammatically correct, but OP would be better... Fixed :slight_smile:


Yeah I've never experienced such helpfulness than here, so hopefully you lot can help the user