Best In-Wall Receptacle

Any updated recommendations on the best/most reliable in-wall receptacle? Ready to start looking for something a little more aesthetic than the boxes sticking out of my walls.

What’re you looking for? Zigbee or Z-wave? 15A or 20A?

It’s usually hard to call one device the “best” in a particular category because people’s needs and use cases can be very different.

15A. I'm ok with either Zigbee or Zwave.

I’ve got 2 of these by Linear and they work great. I used them in ST and now in HE.

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Good question. Recommendation for a zigbee one? I could use some more zigbee repeaters in the house and this would kill 2 with 1. I'd rather have it built in than a plug on a plug.

I've been using the GE ones for many years. The newer models are Zwave Plus and also tamper resistant which keeps up with the latest code requirements. I haven't had a ton of issues with them and would recommend them.

You can buy them at Lowes and in fact Lowes has an advertised Black Friday ad that select GE smart "switches" will be 30% off this coming weekend. Jasco is the company behind these and they also manufacture the same receptacle under the Honeywell brand as well which you can find on Amazon.


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