Best HSM setup?

Hi guys, new to hubitat and HA in general.

I'm looking to setup a security system using Hubitat. Just wondering what sensors you guys reccomend for door/window and motion.
I was thinking of using the Smartthings sensors but not sure if these are the best bang for buck or if they even work with Hubitat without a Smartthings hub?

Any help would be appreciated!

the ST sensors work with HE - but im not sure id want battery devices as the main source of HSM triggers. It depends how solid your setup is.

Do you have existing wired sensors and alarm panel? If so, consider Konnected. I replaced my old alarm system panel and integrated Konnected with HE and it's working great.

I have a Centralie Key Pad, Visonic MCT-340 wireless door/window sensor (Zigbee) replacing broken wire/sensor, Aeon Labs Gen 6 doorbell (Siren), Yale Assure SL lock (Zigbee) all working on HE with Google mini for announcements.

Good luck.


No I removed the old panel and sensors a while ago when refitting the house, any examples for a wired setup?

Any examples for wired setups? If also prefer wired

I still recommend the combo of Konnected, Centralite key pad, Aeotec siren with HE. There are lot of good wired sensors. Battery use on the Zigbee devices has been awesome.

Are the installed wires from your old system still intact?


Personal opinion, but the best security system is the one that is dedicated to the job.
Abode isn't directly integrated with HE, but does have many IFTTT actions and IFTTT is supported in HE.

I've read many threads of people complaining about the reliability issues of using both SmartThings and HE as a security system. I just personally feel if a light doesn't come on, I can look at it and say "that's weird" and then try to figure it out. But if an alarm system doesn't trigger when it should, or triggers unexpectedly in the middle of the night, THAT is completely unacceptable to me.

Have not read complaints about the Konnected system. I don't monitor those topics closely though, since I don't have an existing wire system, so that doesn't apply to me.


I tend to agree. Konnected can work without Hubitat just fine. For instance, I have a siren in the attic eaves wired to the Konnected alarm panel for out door annunciation. The Aeotek sirens are indoors. They oth are loud enough inside to get your attention. If HE HSM is down, Konnected still works. They are both battery backed up and on different circuits.

There are out of the box limitations, but most can be overcome with add-ons and DIY projects - examples, redundant Internet, cell phone alerts, like other alarm systems.



No the system was pretty much entirely ripped out, I'm thinking of possibly installing a new wired system and hooking it up to a konnected set up.

Also, what's HE short for?

Hubitat Elevation.:roll_eyes:

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I was looking into systems and think I've settled on a system called Boundary I'll leave a link for those interested below!
Uses z wave 700 communication for sensors, wifi with data backup, sms alerts, push notifications and integrations for Smartthings, Alexa etc hopefully Hubitat soon!

@MichaelJ How are you integrating this with Hubitat?

My understanding of this system is that you still don't get a warning if it loses connection to a sensor.