Best HSM Arming Method

I tested everything today and learned a lot, reconfigured everything, and think I have a great foundation for a system.

Alerts reset upon a disarm, but do not if you change from an Away to Night modes (both armed).

Had to create a security rest switch because if you switch mode (home to away), and try and arm system with alarm alerts monitored, the system will cancel arming if an alert is triggered, but the mode still changed. So when trying to rearm, it won't because the mode has already switched.

I'm debating on a siren. I use alexa for door announcements, so I'm really only missing alarm siren, but maybe i stick with my self monitory silent alarm.

I think the next step is trying node red for Alexa notifications as I'd like announcements if possible. I know Sonos is integrated, but I hard alexa isn't very good, and I don't care or really need to pay up to $200 for a speaker. Recommendations on node red?

I use Follow Me for spoken notifications, has some nice features. Follow Me works w/Echo Speaks.

@danabw where to even get started. New territory for me.

i'm using alexa fine. i just updated an older light driver with volume,, of course there is the full echo speaks...

the one issue with alexa is the cookie is kinda complicated for security reasons and you cannot send it speech messages too quick in a row..

@davidcwright59 Hello! I'm a Hubitat newbie, hopefully you can help by elaborating a little on your Alexa integration. I'd like to be able to tell Alexa "Goodnight" (or similar) to do the following:
Enable a couple Simple Automation Rules that automatically turn on lights when motion sensors are triggered.
Enable a couple related Notifications that alert me via the Hubitat iOS app when the same motion sensors are triggered.

Basically, in addition to having a time-based schedule (to ensure things are enabled during late night hours), I'd like to be able to activate these features earlier when going to bed via Alexa. How are you creating your rules/routines to accomplish this? Thanks a lot in advance.

In answer to your request, I have a screen shot of my Goodnight Rule.

The Trigger is a Momentary Virtual Switch named Goodnight setup in devices set for a 2 second off. The reason it is momentary is that you will never say "Goodnight off" it only turns ON. 2 seconds seems to work better with Alexa because it is in the cloud. In the Alexa app I have a routine called "Goodnight" who's only function is to turn this Virtual Switch ON. It will reset itself to off in 2 seconds. So when you tell Alexa Goodnight, Alexa will trigger the virtual switch and run the rule.

Within the rule itself, the first OFF statement shuts down all lights in and outside the house except the the Master Bedroom which is in use at the time. The Mode: Night sets the HE mode to night.
The Set Fan Speed: turns off all fans except the the Master Bedroom.
The HSM command: Arms Night so if any doors are opened the Alarm will go off.
The reason it is there twice delayed 10 seconds is because of the Nyckelharpa app.
The lock statement just locks the back door in case I forgot.

I don't really use the Simple Automations, because I find it too limiting. If you want rules to fire after you go to bed just use a night mode. The rule below use both mode and time to set it off.

I hope this helps.

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