Best Deadbolt Locks?


:joy: Isn’t this Z-Wave stuff easy? So consumer friendly! :wink:


It’s 10x better than what came before, but is 10x less than what will replace it :slight_smile:


Just an FYI for anyone looking at this thread for this particular lock in Zigbee flavor. Works perfectly - paired easily and functions better than it did in ST!


I've paired a 914 'successfully' three times, but not secure in any of them, and no features work. Any way to force it pairing securely other than to keep trying? (I'll be adding more devices soon, if that helps with beaming/whisper.)


+1 for Kwikset 914. I hate the 916 though, I recommend avoiding it like the plague (although there are others that have had OK luck with it).

My 914 paired perfectly with both ST and HE - just make sure it is excluded and make sure you are hitting the "A" button to include/exclude, NOT the program button - sounds silly, but it is a VERY common mistake...).

I always pair with the hub <3 feet away (manufacturer says 1 foot if I remember). On mine they would not pair securely more than 3 feet away. Ever - tested MANY times.

You mileage may vary.


I unintentionally told a lie; it’s the 910. The Kwikset instructions for fully resetting the Z Wave controller don’t seem to work — general lock code reset seems to work. I’ve had zero success getting it to pair since my last post, whether secure or no. I probably should just wait until I have more Z-Wave devices lest I give in to frustration.


You didn't specify Zwave or Zigbee?

I purchased six of the 914 Zwave models and they have been nothing but trouble. They generally respond to lock/unlock commands about 75% of the time. So 25% of the time I find myself having to send the lock or unlock command a 2nd time, and sometimes a 3rd time.

The real problem though is they only update their status back to Hubitat maybe 50% of the time. So if someone locks or unlocks a lock either via a PIN or manually... the status in Hubitat only gets updated maybe 50% of the time.

It gets worse with lock codes programming. If I send a "setCode" command (Either directly through the driver or via LCM/Lock Code Manager) it almost never reports back that the code was successfully added. This sends LCM into a tizzy because it thinks the code wasn't added successfully. But if you go to the lock and enter the code it works. If you pull the locks batteries and re-insert them the status will sudeenly update to show the correct codes and the correct lock orientation. But then 5 minutes later, or a day later it'll stop updating again.

At nearly $200/pop that's a lot of money to invest in locks that don't work all that well. :confused:


I don't remember seeing those issues on my 914 or 916 (zwave) locks.

I use the lock status in a number of automations, so I think I would notice if it was not updating. I haven't added any codes in a while,. but the 2x times I did it, it worked.


I opened a case with Kwikset so maybe they can help me figure it out. I've got six different locks that all exhibit the same problems. And one of the locks is only a few feet from the Hubitat with no walls or any obstructions in between so it seems unlikely to be a range or repeater related issue.

The only thing I can think of is the instructions that came with the lock don't say to pair the lock close to the hub. It recommends installing in the final location and then pairing (IE: network wide inclusion) but all of the older instructions I'm finding online say to pair the lock within 12 inches of the hub first and then move to final location and then run a Zwave repair... (Which would be a massive PITA to do six times)

The thing is if they work intermittently that wouldn't seem like a pairing issue. Especially since removing and re-inserting the batteries always works to get the status updated properly. You'd think if they weren't paired properly they wouldn't update at all.

If I find a solution working with Kwikset I'll update this thread. I have a feeling they are going to try and blame the Hub though.


Did they pair securely? You can see that in HE in the device details. If they did, then the distance they paired from doesn't matter - that is the part that fails if done too far away.


According to Hubitat they are. And if they weren't they shouldn't work at all from what I understand: they will only pair securely.

Here's the pairing data shown in Hubitat:

  • deviceType: 3
  • zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x72,0x5A,0x98,0x73,0x7A
  • deviceId: 1088
  • manufacturer: 144


Yeah, you "should" be fine. Obviously aren't though...

I wonder if you have a different zwave module version than I have. Unfortunately only way to tell (that I know of) is to take apart the lock and yank out the zwave module and look at the sticker on it.

As seen in this picture:

Side note, you can also replace the zwave module with the zigbee module. I've heard of people doing that, but even if you get used zigbee modules off eBay they are still $60-75/ea. I have zero experience with their Zigbee modules, so have no idea if that would work better for you or not.


@jeremy.akers One thing this is interesting, though, is my 914 lock shows up differently in HE than yours.

Mine shows:

  • deviceType: 1
  • zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true
  • inClusters: 0x72,0x86,0x98
  • deviceId: 1
  • manufacturer: 144

This is also exactly how my two 916 locks show up in HE. So I am really wondering if I have newer (or older?) zwave module/firmware than you.

My locks are all from 2018. Before that I was using Schlage, which had their own set of issues...



So I did some digging. I purchased my locks on November 21st 2018 and they were labeled "Kwikset 99140" and the install manual lists: "66073-001 Rev 03" in the top left corner.

Looking at the Zwave product database Kwikset actually has certified at least four different locks under the "914" Product name. The only one that has a "Type ID" of 1 is this one: Z-Wave Product Catalog - Kwikset 914 Door Lock for U.S. (Looks like this is the version you have)

All of the rest have "Type IDs" of 3, which match what I have.

I believe this is the one I have: Z-Wave Product Catalog - SmartCode 914
Because my "DeviceId" is 1088, which when converted to Hex is 0x440 and this is the only device in the Zwave alliance database with that device ID.

I'm curious if anyone on the Hubitat team has tested this specific version of this lock?


Mine are not zwave plus, so that would line up. Yours use completely different zwave hardware and firmware than mine. That makes a lot more sense why we are having very different experiences.

The zwave plus version was like $50 more per lock than I paid at the time, and I didn't really care about having plus for a lock - even the non-plus locks send updates on event like manual unlock, etc. So update time isn't that big of a deal.

My 914 was listed as 99140-002 when I bought it.
My 916 were listed as 99160-002 when I bought them.


Wow, Kwikset's response was even worse than I anticipated:

Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for your recent email describing the difficulties you are experiencing with your product. We apologize for the delay in response to your inquiry.

Depending on Smart Home System of consumers choice some notifications may not be available. Limitation is due to Smart Home System; not Kwikset door lock. Please contact your Home Connect dealer for assistance with your inquiry.

We hope we have answered your concerns. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by updating this case with your comments or submitting a new case.

Nina B.
Kwikset Support Team

.... sigh


Yup, that is a useless answer.


We had a few Kwiksew locks at work a few years ago (keypad, no radio) and had nothing but trouble with them. Not only electronics but the quality of construction was pretty low. We ended up removing them and throwing them out and replaced with another brand. Ever since then, especially seeing the mechanicals after moderate usage (nothing crazy) we have avoided Kwikset locks. They are cheap to buy and cheaply made.


Reporting back, now that there have been two or three point releases of Hubitat since I last tried the 910 Z-Wave (unsuccessfully.) It paired instantly, in secure mode, with the latest release.

Now I have twice as many working smart locks as before :slight_smile:


Just letting everyone know here that the first time I added my Kwikset 914 Z-wave lock, it wouldn’t respond to any commands, etc. I tried excluding it and then re-adding it to the network and the 2nd time was the charm! I verified first by going in to the device settings and pulling my codes and viola! There they were. Thanks for all the info here, it definitely helped.