Best (cheap) thermostats in 2023 for Hubitat automation?

Hi, I have 2 houses, both using the older C7 Hubitat hubs - I can upgrade those if needed.

My current network is mainly zwave (all light switches, garage door, motions) but I am going to be adding Zigbee door and window sensors, so I am open to Zigbee thermostats as well.

I have in floor radiant heating where each room is it's own zone. This means I have 12 thermostats. (not my choice) Any replacement is costly at tht volume, so I am looking ideally for something sub $50 that looks good but more importantly work will the Hubitat as I want to be able do thing like shut down heat when window/door is opened or send alerts when it's opened for too long, or certain temp is not reached, etc.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and suggestions in advance!

You can diy it for less than 10 quid.

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I changed all my thermostats to Sinopé’s. They integrate extremely well with Hubitat and I really like that they will show the outside temperature. We use this feature more than we expected we would!

They do not, however, fit into your price requirement…

Cheapest I could find is € 50.00 incl VAT for Heatit ZM Thermostat 16A - Heatit

Interesting that most are European stores / recommendations. Anyone in the US has some tips, please?

Centralite Pearl is a zigbee thermostat that can often be found for ~50 bucks. I’m not sure if they’re compatible with your heating system but it should be possible to figure that out by googling for a copy of the user manual.