Best Bright Bulbs Colour

I currently use Lohas bulbs with Tasmota and ST.
These bulbs are bright. 14W. They work great, except for the local processing.
Looking for simlar bulbs that work locally with Hubitat without having to flash firmware to make them work with Hubitat.
Need to be available in Bayonet fitting (B22), Colour (and prefraby a cool white option), dimmable, 100W equivalent, or thereabouts.
Not worried about the protocol so long as they work well with Hubitat.
Will also require a couple of colour 60W equivalent and soma couple of E14 white only (prefer cool white option with both).

Any recommendations?

I would start with the Hubitat compatibility list and hopefully find something that meets your needs.


Ah Ok. Looked at that, several times, and could find nothing.

I’ve found LIFX to be some of the brightest and most vivid colour bulbs I’ve owned. There is also a community driver for local control. They aren’t the cheapest but I haven’t been disappointed in comparison to a few of my colour hue bulbs but I have a few in the room to counter their lack of brightness.


Thanks, I was looking at LIFX but they don't seem to do any B22 ones? They are pricey but if they had B22 I could keep ST, get a Hubitat and buy a couple of LIFX to start, and migrate all others to LIFX slowly as finaces allow (until I could eventually dump ST). Maybe I will mesage them asd see if they have any plans for Bayonet fittings.

EDIT: just checked Amazon and they have B22 but want £12 extra for them. I am thinking I could change the light fitting?

I’ve used the adaptors on one of the lights as the lamp connector isn’t compatible. It does extend the bulb a bit but works perfectly...

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Everything is local on HE so why not keep using them?

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Thanks, I have ordered a few of the LIFX bulbs now and some adaptors to convert the fittings from bayonets (B22) to E27. Hopefully in a couple of days I will have them all working and see some better performance than with the ST hub.

I don't have the Hubitat yet, hopefully tomorrow. I already had the Lohas on Tasmota but when I tried to convert a couple to the recommended Hubitat verison they got bricked. Took one of them apart and soldered it to try to revive it but it did not work. Completley dead, would not even enter programming mode. This is all possibly because I had the bulbs on a newer Tasmota version than the Hubitat version and the downgrade failed because of this?
Anyway I decicded to switch to another brand that works natively with Hubitat (with no firmware changes). I have now settled for LIFX, and happy these will meet my requirements. Will replace all the Lohas eventually and give them away to someone who is happy with the ST cloud delays.

If you're looking for bulbs that work great with hubitat out of the box I would go with Sengled. Lots of options there.

Thank you. I have gone with LIFX. I now have a few test ones and they work great with the LIFX app and Alexa. Hopefully I can get them working well with Hubitat.
I do need a light fitting for the bathroom and it appears LIFX do not make these, so I will see if Sengled do.