Best battery for Iris v2 Motion Sensors?

I picked up a 10 pack of Iris v2 motion sensors and now I'm on the hunt for a recommendation for batteries (CR2, I believe). Rather than digging through Amazon reviews, I thought it might be best to start here.


I’ve used both Energizer and Duracell CR2 batteries from amazon with no issues. Last 6 months or so.

I have four sensors with Duracells that have been going almost two years.

I use the Titanium Innovations cells from Battery Junction. Many have lasted over a year. I gave up on Amazon because many sellers mix up battery sizes (CR2 vs. CR123A), and even after paying for shipping, Battery Junction tends to be cheaper. You can get the big names there, too, but I've been happy with the cheaper ones as well. I also need a few other less common sizes that they carry, but I again probably wouldn't trust most Amazon sellers to get those right.


Where did you purchase ?

Sorry not the batteries. The motion sensors.

Anyone here have any experience using the Amazon Basics CR2's? I got them for a decent price like $15 for a 12 pack, but they seem to just get eaten by my Iris 3326-L sensors, like 2-3 weeks, after a 2 days they report down to 87%. Has anyone else experienced this?

I've been using some for the past 9-10 months in a mix of devices that includes the 3326-L without a problem.

Interesting I wonder if I just got a bad batch or something.

Going to need upwards of 10 CR2s soon. Any suggestions on where to buy? Not interested in Amazon as I don’t like their reputation for counterfeit batteries

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Wow, $1. As good as the name brands?

These seem to be pretty popular in the Hubitat community

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