Best approach

Hi all.

Just got a smart curtain.

I would like to apply the following logic, and I’d love to get some feedback on the best approach:

If our tv is active, keep the blind closed;
else, if it’s daytime (determined by mode manager between sunrise/sunset), keep windows open
if it’s nighttime, close the blind.

I would do it in two rules.
I would have a trigger to open as sunrise +whatever time and close at sunset or whatever time you are looking at.

Then I would create a second rule with your tv activities. similar to the rules I have for my table.

This one turns the light on and off

This one dims it when the tv is on and brightens when the tv is off.

Hope that gives you some ideas. It's solid for me.

Also, if you were watching a movie during the day, then the blinds would open after you turned off your tv.

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