Best Alternative to Schlage BE469s?

Bad WAF is killing me. I had two BE469s since 2017. Both of the original Z-Wave versions developed bad touchpads. To their great credit, Schlage replaced both of them when they died. That's great. What's bad is the front door one which is a much newer Z-Wave Plus model with new firmware is ALSO now developing an unreliable touchpad. I would think that Schlage would probably replace it yet again. BUT my wife has lost confidence in the locks at this point. And it's giving my entire smart home implementation a black eye. So, I reseated the teeny tiny ribbon connector (again) and am hoping for the best this time. BUT if it fails again, I've promised my wife to replace these. What alternatives are you happiest with. I'm ok with either Z-Wave or Zigbee. I have plenty of each in my system to make it reliable. TIA.

You can try the Yale. I've yet to have a keypad fail though on the Schlage.

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We might just have the worst lock luck. They keep working through Z-Wave, but the pad stops responding. I do think that the PC board connector is the weak spot. Wish they had done a cable/cable connector like Kwikset did.

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I replaced all mine with these and they have been spot on 100%

Yale Assure Lock SL - Key Free – Entry – Deadbolt / Zigbee


Seems I can only find bluetooth and wi-fi version of this. No Zigbee version even on the Yale website. Am I missing something or has it been discontinued?

Here you go:

BTW, I've had these for 2.5 years. They work great. Batteries last over year. I've had zero issues with the dead and the Assure zigbee lever lock.


I have two Kwikset 910s that are four years old and not a single problem. One was even mounted on a door that gets baked in the sun all day and barely shows any wear. I do have the Z-wave versions.

I also have some Kwikset Connect 620s that I expect to last just as long. They're quieter and have a slighter smaller interior housing than the 910s.


There it is. I'm guessing they weren't showing it because they are out of stock. Thanks.

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When I purchased both my Yale locks, I did it over the phone. They let me purchase the Assure SL deadbolt and lever lock, and separately purchase zigbee modules for them.

You might find this link helpful:


All three Schlage BE469 not responding recently. They have been working fairly well for over a year. Batteries replaced today. Thoughts?

If you like the Yale locks and want a bit of a hardware upgrade you should check out Emtek. Assa Abloy owns all of Yale, August, and Emtek. The Emtek locks come with the August Connect module, which means you would have to use a cloud integration. There's a 3rd party Hubitat driver, but it didn't work for me. I integrate back to Hubitat via a Home Assistant link. But since it's a Yale lock you could replace with a Zigbee or Z-Wave module if you wanted. Assa Abloy is also promising to release a module with a Thread radio and Matter compatibility when that standard is ready.

Something I would recommend is to install the app "Hubitat Z-Wave Mesh Details" with HPM. It will give you insights into your Z-Wave mesh in general, and those device's connectivity specifically. Wondering if something has changed physically in your home since this started. Moved the hub, added a new problematic device. Replaced your WiFi router introducing some RF interference etc.

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