BeSense Z Wave Motion Sensor

Anybody know if the BeSense Z Wave Motion Sensor will work on Hubitat? If so, generic DTH or custom DTH?

I have two being delivered Friday, so I will let you know then!

They showed up today, and they did not work with generic handler, but work fine with this handler: SmartThingsPublic/zwave-plus-motion-temp-sensor.groovy at master ยท SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic ยท GitHub only change needed is to change physicalgraph to hubitat.

I tried this on my Besense Z-wave Motion... Not the plus. Didn't work. Tried the one I used in ST making the changes from physicalgraph to hubitat and that didn't work either.

Also tried the generic Z-wave motion that didn't work either.

Any suggestions ?

Never mind... I wrote my own for the version 1 of the BeSense Z-Wave Motion Sensor.

Version 1 has a green board that is Z-Wave.
Version 2 has a blue board that supports Z-Wave Plus.

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