Belt and braces- workaround for network drop-outs

Over the last couple of weeks one of my "old" z-wave devices (a 2 channel/relay boiler control, not z-wave PLUS) has, on odd occasions, not been responding to z-wave commands, either failing to engage/disengage on demand.
My hubitat dashboard shows the current/true state of the device and it is about 4 metres from the hub with one concrete wall between. There are other devices (mesh enabled) in close proximity so i assume these would strengthen the signal as part of the z-wave mesh. If i understand it correctly, if the HE can not directly reach the device it hops via few other devices in the mesh to reach its target.

i see the message to deactivate the device in my log at 17:05-

I'm now thinking do i need to either send the command twice to ensure the message is received?
I already have an app in place to detect if the device is "stuck" on when it shouldnt be. (it should only engage if one or both of two "flags" (virtual switches) are on and go OFF when both flags are off, and that bit is working.

Perhaps there is something else i can do to monitor the situation to prevent rather than cure.
Or maybe, by its very nature, there will occasionally be wireless drop-outs in any system?
Not sure how to diagnose this one.

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