Bell Press Mechs

I am thinking of using Fibaro dimmers behind Clipsal Bell Press Mechs for my house reno.
Does anyone know if the LED in THESE mechs can be operated via the Fibaro puck? Would be great to have an LED indicator on the switch that matched the status of the lights.

It's my understanding (from my Sparky), that the way Clipsal LED's work it they would be on all the time if they are in use. They are intended to make the switches easy to find in the dark, rather than show state.

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I'm pretty sure the LED's can be wired: always on, switch on-led on, switch off-led on

Toggle switches yes, momentary apparently not. My sparky could be wrong tho.

According to this, it has 4 states
EDIT- Removed link to wrong product!

Initially i thought it was only possible on the 60 series, but looks like it works on the 30 series

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Ok, so I'm not a sparky but I am wondering how these momentary type switches work?
Without a Fibaro unit, one of these switches simply pass the power to the load using a mechanical momentary press rather than a traditional toggle. Is this the case or am I missing some sort of wizardry here?

They look to me like push on/push off, not momentary switches Which Clipsal call Bell press switches.

Would that mean that with the addition of a Fibaro unit these switches would swap state, but unlike a traditional toggle switch, we just won't see it.

No, the fibaro can can configured for toggle or momentary iirc - push on / push off is electrically a toggle switch.

Btw, visit your local electrical store - most have the clipsal range on display so you can confirm they work as expected.


Excellent - thanks for the help - much appreciated.

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Correct.. wrong pdf linked

I know the 60 series bell press(saturn series) can be wired in 3 different states

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Yes, the fibaro can be configured to either.
I have a couple fibaro units

I have a few of these installed, and I use them on Dimmer 2s, but I opted not to have the LEDs connected. However, I happened to keep a copy of the installation guide, so I took pics for you:

The LED can only be wired for permanently on, or not connected at all, which makes sense given the mechanics of the momentary mechanism. However...

Disclaimer - I'm not an electrician, so I would recommend you consult with one about what I'm about to suggest here:

Based on the diagrams, it does look like if you choose to connect the LED, it's simply connected to Active and Neutral. If that's the case, it seems feesible to me that the LED could be wired to the Output line of the Fibaro Dimmer instead of Active, just like whatever 240v load you'd be connecting to the dimmer.

p.s. As @dJOS recently shared on the general AU thread, the newer Clipsal Iconic momentary switches are also compatible, and IMHO better looking than the Impress switches. I personally would be choosing the Iconic switches if I were buying today.

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Thanks @jason-lane, I was wondering about the LED wiring like that. I will have to ask my sparky.
After a brief survey of the household last night it seems the Iconic switch type was much more popular so it looks like I am going that way.


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