Bell devices on Hubitat?

I am moving to a new house next week and I noticed that the homeowner had Bell security system installed. This includes the touchscreen control panel but also the motion and contact sensors. I am surely not going to purchase Bell security subscription.

Does anybody know if I can make the bell provided motion and control sensors on Hubitat?

Konnected should allow you to integrate it all


Are the Bell sensors wired or wireless? If they're wired then @rlithgow1's suggestion is the best way forward. If they're wireless, then your options are much more limited.

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This is something I should have clarified in my response... Thanx!

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I was at a friend's place that had the Telus touchscreen system installed, it was from Qolsys

The lamp module it came with was Z-wave. Knowing how Bell and Telus mirror each other in many things, I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same system.

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Seems very likely. Qolsys sensors are all 319 MHz ... and I think they use a proprietary protocol.

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