Behaviour App

Might be that this feature already exists in some form, but I can't find it.
Yesterday I bought 10 Hue GU10s for my kitchen. I want them to turn on one by one, with one second between. And the same way off.
This is easy to do, but I wish there was a way to "program" this as a "behaviour".
So when you later configure a button push, a motion, or maybe a timed event, you can refer to this behaviour instead of doing it all once more.
I know it is possible to make the rule including all these scenarios, but I really need to keep it simple and clean - my better half can't change some of my more advanced rules, so it would be awesome to be able to do it this way.

Check out my [RELEASE] Device Sequencer.

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Define it as a rule with no trigger. Then you can re-use this rule by calling/executing it from another rule. This effectively means you can have "subroutines" and reuse them any time you want in other rules.

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