Beginner Troubleshooting Issue

New guy here, I'm sure I'll leave out important information so please bear with me. I'm just beginning to set things up with hubitat a little here and there when I have free time.

I have the following Z-Wave Plus devices:
Hubitat Elevation C-7 Hub
Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt BE469ZP
Zooz 700 Series S2 Dimmer Switch ZEN77 (x2)
Zooz Q-Sensor ZSE11

A very simple, but weak mesh so far since I hit a snag. The deadbolt, sensor and one switch are all included and show up on my interface just fine. I went to add the second dimmer switch and instead of including, some mysterious unknown device shows up and hijacks the inclusion process.

I figured this hijacking thing out when I installed my deadbolt. I couldn't figure out why the device would not include, it was driving me nuts. Suddenly, on about the 30th pairing attempt, a different device ID showed up in the interface and success! Turns out this mysterious 'Device ID 11' kept getting in the way, as far as I can tell, until I just got lucky and the deadbolt connected first.

Fast forward a few weeks and here I am getting ready to install some more switches and there's #11 again. Same deal, a dozen attempts later and I sneak past 11 to successfully pair the dimmer.

Any idea what this mystery device is? I don't have any other Z-Wave devices. I would love to not spend an extra 30 minutes setting up every single device going forward. Does one of my devices have a second ID or something? Whatever it is never succeeds at inclusion, it always times out. Hoping this is a somewhat common beginner problem.

Welcome to the forum! Your problem is not an uncommon one, and not just for beginners. It's likely that the "ghost" device was the result of a failed inclusion. It will cause problems until you get rid of it. Here's how...

First, oftentimes there is a corporeal device that corresponds to the ghost device. If your ghost is the result of a failed inclusion and the device then includes successfully, the device that successfully paired is the one you're interested in. Before the ghost device can be removed the "good" device must be completely powered off and unreachable. And by powered off I mean air-gapped, battery removed, shipped to a neighboring state, whatever it takes. Once that happens repeatedly clicking the remove button on the ghost device SHOULD get rid of it for you.

Can you post a screen shot of your zwave details page? And please use a browser rather than your phone.

Also take a look at this article - it is extremely helpful to set up your zwave mesh this way from the beginning. I did not, and I really wish I had!


Thanks for the guidance Brad! Happy to hear that this isn't terribly uncommon. I'll be sure to check out the other links you gave me. I see each device as well as some related entries for the dimmers and deadbolt. Are the entries, other than the named devices, ghosts? Or just alternate modes for those devices? (ie: dimmers can also be used like toggle switches). If anything, I would think that the ghost would be the top entry as the deadbolt shouldn't have 2 functions, correct?

Okay, it seems I can't embed my screenshot in the post. Probably due to being new. Here's an imgur link... which also doesn't work. Going to break it up to get past the block... i. imgur. com / j6SnQdz .jpeg

Thanks for that!

okie dokie! @bobbyD maybe you could give our buddy the ability to post pictures?

In the mean time I reposted your JPEG. Congrats, you are the proud parent of a ghost node! And in this case it's pretty easy to see what it is. So here's what I'd do. Remove the batteries from your actual working door lock, and click "repair" until you get a "remove" button. Be patient, it can take a while... Once the remove button appears click it until the device goes away. Then reinsert the batteries in the lock and test it. Also take a look at the "reliable door lock" and "auto lock" applications. I think you'll find them helpful.

It also looks like 0C and 11 had some trouble. You may be able to click "discover" and all will be well. If not I would suggest excluding them and re-including them.

But your mesh needs some more meshing... I think this is just an issue of not many line-powered devices. You'd normally see quite a few neighbors for each device but you just don't have that many devices. So consider this permission to automate more stuff. And really, how often do you get that sort of permission?

I generally do not use s2 security for anything but perimeter security devices. I would suggest you unpair and repair device 12 (hex) and 8 without security. It's not bad per se, but it does add overhead. I would definitely leave S2 access control on your lock, but the others meh unless for some reason security is really important to you I'd not use any. It just adds overhead, and honestly does it really matter if someone hacks grandma's needlepoint lamp?

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I'll give that a shot tonight and hopefully all will be well after that! I'm certainly happy to move forward with more automations now that I've got some time. I've got about a dozen switches and outlets waiting that I'll be using to get the mesh started. Then a handful of sensors to get the fun stuff going building on the "always on" foundation. Right now I'm just spiraling slowly from the kitchen hub outwards. I think the door lock being slightly further away might have caused the issues.

Thanks for the security tip. I agree, worst case, if someone wants to flick a few lights on and off, who cares. It sounds like its just going to take a small amount of patience to straighten things out. Better now than once I have 50+ devices set up!

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Take a good look at Lutron Caseta. It requires their Pro hub but their stuff is the most solid of any I have. And the HE integration works really, really well.

And that is the key to zwave. A small amount of patience and some care and feeding. And the occasional goat sacrifice at the solstice.

So many goat sacrifices for my hobbies. Ahh, technology, love/hate at times :grin:

Will do, appreciate the recommendation. Always happy to start with the right gear rather than swap things out due to frustration months down the line.

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Having a good supply of goats is key to any technology project.

Sure thing, done!