Before you buy an RPI4



LOL. That is EXACTLY why I stopped reading BetaNews a long time ago. Their headlines are intentionally inflammatory and biased just to get higher click counts. I prefer Beta "news", not Beta "opinion".

The RPi4 isn't "faulty" per se, it just doesn't work with ALL USB-C chargers (but it does work with MANY)... A future hardware rev may fix that entirely, though.

Even with having to be a little careful on the charging source, it is still the best and most supported single board computer on the market.


How about a much more level-headed article without ridiculous hyperbole that explains the suitable type of cable (not charger) that will work with the RPi4B+?

Choice quotes from Pi co-creator Eben Upton:

"A smart charger with an e-marked cable will incorrectly identify the Raspberry Pi 4 as an audio adapter accessory, and refuse to provide power," says Upton.

"I expect this will be fixed in a future board revision, but for now users will need to apply one of the suggested workarounds. It's surprising this didn't show up in our (quite extensive) field testing program."


It is a bit pathetic that they didn't just follow the spec and get it right first time.


I agree. It was a definite miss... There will be a new hardware rev in a few months I'm sure...


Fortunately it's not a complete loss and the PI foundations first opps in design. Everyone gets their first opps freebie.


Agreed. But it's still a real surprise they would get so many tough things right and then not think to simply copy the clear diagram in the spec! Apparently the difference is 1 additional resistor! RPi4 will still be wildly successful of course but I will wait for the board revision.


I'm waiting for the next rev, too. Unless of course they want to seill me a "broken" one for half off... Lol