Been trying to get presence detection working!

Download the Life360 app to your phone and then the Life360 connector from the 'In Built Apps' on the Apps page in the hubs UI.

There are two parts to this. The presence detection, and the use of it within apps.

Typically people use presence to set a mode as home or away. Then they use that mode as a condition of running rules etc. So are you using modes? If not, how are you attempting to integrate presence into HSM etc?

And if you log the presence devices or presence apps (like combined presence) what do they show? Do they switch from present to absent?

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Thank you I have done that.
Account set up on life 360.
Set up Life 360 Connector in hubitat apps
but not able to finish set due to 'select a place' doesn't show any place to select.

In the Life360 app on your phone have you set up any 'places'.
If not, set up 'Home' which is your home address and the radius of your zone.
This should then appear under your place above.

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I have done that but no joy

Is there another way to achieve what I'm after without using life 360?

I'm not sure what order you downloaded things and if that makes a difference.
Maybe try deleting Life360 connector from HE and reinstall to see if that works.
Maybe try Locative. Not as straightforward to set up but does work and you can set up multiple locations.

Hi Bob
Thanks for your reply.
When do I get locative from?
It's not in HE built in apps
Regards John F

If you decide to give Life 360 a try, you need to have at least two accounts setup in your "circle" when you setup the app on HE. There was a similar thread to this where I found that suggestion, I'll try and find it for you if you want to give it a try.

Hi that would be good!!
Be interested to see how you get on
Regards John F

Hi Bobbles,
Not sure how I get this on HE?
Regards John F

This is all from memory so hopefully I get everything. :wink:

  1. Mobile. Load Locative app.
  2. Hub. Create a Virtual device and allocate 'Virtual Presence' as the type.
  3. Hub. Install the built in app 'Maker API' if you haven't installed it already.
  4. Hub. Open maker api and select your virtual presence sensor. Click done.
  5. Hub. Open maker api and scroll down to 'Cloud URL's'. Copy the url under Get Device Commands (replace [Device ID] with actual subscribed device id.
  6. Hub. Click on Get All Devices under cloud url's. This will give a print out of your maker api connected devices. Make a note of the device id of your virtual presence sensor.
  7. In the above copied url replace [Device ID] with the device ID obtained above.
  8. In the above copied url replace 'commands' with 'arrived'. Save the url.
  9. In the above copied url replace 'commands' with 'departed'. Save the url.
  10. You now have 2 url's. One for arriving and one for departing.
  11. Mobile. In the app set up a home geofence.
  12. Mobile. Scroll down to HTTP setting.
    12a. Change trigger on enter to 'GET'. Copy in the arrived url above.
    12b. Change trigger on exit to 'GET'. Copy in the departed url above.

No username or password is needed.
Click on save top right corner.
To test to see if it is working OK, click on the 3 bar icon top right.
Select settings.
In global HTTP settings select 'get' and then copy in your departed url and click on SEND TEST REQUEST.
Fingers crossed you will see your virtual switch turn off.
Now copy in your arrived url and click on SEND TEST REQUEST.
Fingers crossed you will see your virtual switch turn on.
The deleted by me parts are my hub info that should be kept private. :slight_smile:
Here is an example of my arrived url to compare with. by me/apps/2763/devices/1505/arrived?access_token=deleted by me

Hope this covers everything.

Don't forget to turn off command optimisations for the locative app on your mobiles.
Also you can define multiple virtual presence devices and set up multiple locations and then using them for arriving/departing at various locations. Pub/golf club/mistress :wink: etc.


Nice memory....


:rofl: Don't be fooled. I was just going through it and hoping I've covered everything. There's bound to be something missing.

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Ssshhhhh.... :shushing_face:

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Thanks bobbles
How do I load locative app on my phone?
I don't see an app named that in play store.
I a bit new to all this, I came over from Smartthings
Regards John F

The link to the apk for the app is in post 16 above.

Here it is again.