Battery type and quantity

Any chance that Device Information could be updated to include three extra empty/user editable fields?

  • Battery Type
  • Battery QTY
  • Last Battery Change Date

I use a lot of PowerShell at home and right now yank out all the battery devices in order to help build a list when I need to go battery shopping. I take the output from powershell and then compare that to a table I have where I match up maker API id, battery type, and qty. Then I can output a list that tells me how many of each battery type I need. If that data was stored in hubitat it would simplify things, I wouldn't need to remember to add new devices to my lookup table.

Also - could the new device add pop up (add another device, device details, etc) also have an "add to maker API" button? I'm always forgetting to add things!


Could probably be added as attributes in most drivers easier than as device information.

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