Battery Test and Replace fields

I just replaced a battery in a contact sensor and it got me to thinking, that I should be tracking when battery devices are tested and when the battery was replaced.

It's easy to remember smoke detectors for most, 2x a year when the time changes

Any chance we can get those 2 fields added to battery devices?

Thanks in advance

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That would be handy.

Seems like this might be a better job for an app: choose a device, then set a "last replaced" date for it or whatever fields you want. The Xiaomi community driver has something like this built-in but it gets cleared anytime you re-pair the device (even if it's left in the hub database and gets reinitialized as the same device as Zigbee does), probably due to the way the driver methods are written but still not necessarily something that needs to be handled at the driver level anyway. You could even configure the app to notify you after so many months or weeks or whatever for each device.

Me, I just write the date of battery installation on the batteries themselves, which obviously doesn't help me be proactive in any way (just helps me see if something is draining--or rather has drained--faster than I'd expect), but I couple this with Device Watchdog to see if it actually stops responding, often before I notice problems myself. Also not proactive, but it usually helps me be reactive fast enough. :slight_smile:

Despite my workarounds, this seems like a nice idea.

Since device names really aren't used for anything, I use that input as my "notes" section (brand, battery type, quantity, date replaced)



I guess that's a work around until we get the proper fields added (hint hint)

Wasn't aware this field wasn't used, my concern would be some day, HE decides to use it then....

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I should add, names aren't used as long as a label has been entered.

I use this app to track the device status [RELEASE] Device Watchdog

After having a few sensors not report for months and not knowing, now this app runs an activity report daily on all battery devices and sends a pushover notification, that you can verify that activity has occurred within the last 24 hours. If one device doesn't report in 24 hours I change the battery. As I have many devices that are either at 1% for months now still working, or devices that have been at 100% for months now and the battery % never changes.

That's a good idea. I have a Google Sheet battery log that goes back several years with battery changes for each of my devices.

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@veeceeoh put this into his drivers for the Xiaomi/Aqara devices. Very convenient. I've been meaning to put in a similar request. It's a button in the device page that just sets the date and time when pressed. I have a list of them as well but always forget to update it.