Battery reporting and ST Arrival Sensor issue in 2.2.4

ok, now with debug logging enabled, please click refresh, also past a screenshot of the logs, vs copy paste, thanks.

I also checked other ST motion sensors - they are not reporting battery in logs either. This one just caught my eye because it went to zero a few days ago and when I changed the battery today it stayed at zero.

ok, i see what's going on.


It is fixed with! Thanks!


Down to 12% now. That was quick. I guess I'll just run it til it's dead. I think it beeps when low.

I replaced batteries in two of these Monday night (one read 0% after the hub update) and currently one of them sits at 60% and the other at 37%. I cannot believe these killed a battery in less than a week. Not that they are all that terrific to begin with, but this is ridiculous.

I really wish we could set reporting transmit interval and slow these down a bit. But that is a Samsung firmware decision that Hubitat cannot fix.

Do they indeed beep when the battery is near dead?

Never seen that happen in probably a year of owning them and dozens of battery changes.

Yeah, that was probably wishful thinking on my part. is out, lots of battery updates:

Fixed battery reporting bug when battery is replaced on:

  • Bosch Zigbee Motion
  • Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor
  • Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor
  • Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor
  • Generic Zigbee Contact No Temp
  • Generic Zigbee Motion Humidity Sensor
  • Generic Zigbee Motion No Temp
  • Philips Hue Motion
  • Smart Sense Humidity

Alas, no st arrival sensor, lol.

Replaced battery at the first (bottom) entry.

Falling faster than..



Interesting that it went to exactly 37%, just like mine. Next stop for you: 12%.

My other one is staying (not sure if stuck) at 62 percent, just like yours. Can't be a coincidence?

Collusion. Common among batteries from the wrong side of the diode.

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It was the Chinese (battery) and not the Russians this time.

They're the scariest...they'll smile at you while they make their evil plots. I know, I used to date a woman from China, and she was way too smart for me and ran rings around me like I was an inanimate object. :wink:


Well, the latest update, (it updates every 12 hours), is 0%, lol.

This is more entertaining than the Indy 500. :wink:

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