Battery Replacement Expectations - Device Behavior/Reinstatement Norms?

Sorry if this is posted out there somewhere but I can't find anything that addresses what general expectations one should have after replacing a device battery regarding automatic HE recognition of the device, some almost auto re-establishment, or the need for a totally fresh pairing and configuration.

Just put new battery in Samsung Multipurpose Sensor and before I start deleting the old HE configuration and resetting the device to try to make it work again... I want to make sure I'm not missing the easy path.


For the most part, after replacing a device’s battery it should go back to working just as it did before, no extra steps needed.

Has the device been out of batteries for a long time?

Since you’re asking about a zigbee device, then you could try resetting the device and then re-pairing it to hubitat.

Don’t delete anything in hubitat, the device will be recognized as one that was previously paired.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes it has been dead for a week before I got to it.

So failing an all back to normal w/o intervention scenario the goal would be to rediscover the device and HE will recognize it based on the ID and prior configuration. Rediscovery is not necessarily a "start from scratch" process then. OK thanks,

Correct. For zigbee devices, when the device itself is physically reset, the hub can rediscover it as if it was never gone.

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